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Watch Us Play Blackout In The Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta

Game Informer’s Dan Tack puts his gaming skills to the test in CoD’s foray into the battle royale genre, while taking your questions in chat. Learn a lot more exclusive information about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 right here –

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  1. Seems a bit rough around the edges. Expected better quality from a COD game. I know people will say it's a beta…..but let's be honest….it's really a demo trying to get people to preorder.

  2. So now that the blackout beta has been revealed, can you post the video that the audio was taken of javy being useless saying this looks like breaking bad? Lol

  3. The graphics looks like BO2 and the gameplay isn't that good and it's quite slow paced for the most part. But all the cod fan boys are gonna defend it and say it's the best thing ever cuz it's call of duty. Smh

  4. Man the online chat during this stream seemed more rough than usual. People are expecting the streamer to get all hyped and what not and tacks like yeeaaah.
    Keep up the great work guys, i wasn't too excited for blackout but the last podcast about it got me a bit interested. 👍

  5. Better than pubg and fornite ( 2 ) yes

    People complain no campaign because they don't want buy the game they want play offline and
    pirate the game.

    Haters is pubg and fortnite kids

  6. It's better than pubg but not fortnite, but better than I expected from call of duty game…Just think battlefields version will be better they are built for this….Do have to say not bad cod, not bad…

  7. dude this looks really fun, but the game play of this guy is so horrible its frustrating! like getting passed the first 2 minutes after drop should not be as hard as he make it look. I don't play on playstation normally so I totally get how the aim or controls could be hard for sure… but the general tactics and strategy should be the same. Trying not to hate, but I yelled at the screen multiple times like dude the opponent is right there!!! hahaha take it easy Game Info, Thanks for the game play

    Im going to preorder this for the beta now and I wasn't going to before!

  8. Piece of shit fast ass! at least earn your money with dignity and be at least not a total fuck tard to die to zombies or so many other noob deaths!

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