Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Is Much Bigger Than We Thought

With Thronebreaker just around the corner, we sat down with CD Projekt Red’s Jakub Szamałek to see what the latest Witcher adventure has in store for us. Thronebreaker comes to PC on October 23 and to Xbox One and PS4 in December.

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  1. Look, I love the Witcher, I like gwent. But we already have a standalone gwent game. It would be nice to be able to actually control an army and through choices and strategy; determine the outcome of the war.

  2. Is this a full scale RPG like Divinity: Original Sin II, for example, just using gwent as the combat system instead of a turn based system, or is it more of just a story mode for gwent but not an RPG where you make can make as many choices as Divinity: Original Sin II?

  3. I loved gwent the mini game from the Witcher 3 very much. But the standalone game, not quite, I found it to be complicated and very different from the original.

  4. Looked like a card game in combat. That's too much of a break for me. Gwent was a game in Witcher so this just looks like they are playing cards to decide things. Seems like a waste of an isometric rpg to not build proper combat. Tho I guess that would require supporting systems. Gwent Can exist elsewhere

  5. come on people we were no waiteng this shit we wait geralt back and real witcher we dont entrest andrej sapkowski money problem dont lıe us say this is witcher with two throll no be witcher …you wıll loose and ı hope cause you lıes people…

  6. Respect for the author for paying attention to correct pronunciation of CDPR name. Don't listen to all the jokes in comments – this was nearly perfect and I think guys from studio will appreciate that 😉

  7. it's so funny to hear how you try to imitate the Polish pronunciation od CD Project Red and almost get it right instead of just pronouncing it in English 😀 hahah
    Which is very ironic since even in Polish most people pronounce it like in English lol

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