The History of Spider-Man Video Games

Spider-Man hits the PS4 in just a week, so we decided to look back at the wall crawler’s history that spans four decades from Atari 2600 to PS4.

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  1. Top 5 Spiderman games

    1.Web of shadows
    2.Spiderman 2018
    3.Shattered Dimensions
    4. Ultimate Spiderman
    5. Spiderman Neversoft

    Honorable mention
    Spiderman 2

  2. The Funny Thing Is, Spider-Man 2, It's Swinging System Is Still The Best, Spider-Man PS4 Didn't Really Get Close, Spider-Man 3 Almost Got The Good Swinging, But No Swinging Has Ever Caught Up To It.

  3. Spider man has had some great games! I know alot of them catch alot of hate, but I cant say their is truly any spiderman games I dislike. Just some I like more than others. But I can find fun with all of them.

  4. Before PS4 was Shattered Diemensions, before Shattered Diemensions was Web of Shadows, before Web of Shadows was PS1 2001.

    Im Stealth – PS4.

    Im Speed – Shattered Diemensions.

    Im Agility – 2001.

    Im Power – Web of Shadows.

  5. My favorite Spider-Man games, as a long time fan:

    1. Spider-Man PS4 2018: Awesome overall
    2. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions: World setting is fantastic, gameplay is super fun
    3. Spider-Man Web of Shadows: Great combat, great swinging
    4. The Amazing Spider-Man: Standard 3A spider-man game, story is nice

  6. Am I the only one that remembers a spiderman game controlled by spiderman gloves and footwear rather than a controller? It was physically controlled game that ended with taking down doc ock. Ive been looking for the name for years and I can't find any evidence it even existed

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