Resident Evil 2 Remake – Official Story Trailer | TGS 2018

Take a look at the story trailer for Resident Evil 2 from TGS featuring fan favorite characters.

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  1. Hoping for a Remake that doesn't babysit millennial players I mean. Today's gamers should experience what we've felt before(original Classic theme). Not less but more.

  2. I remember I would always get super nervous picking up a new weapon because I knew it meant there was something new and terrifying I would have to fight right after I picked it up

  3. 1:28 Where are they going?Adam and Leon walking together on the Raccoon City streets? This is not on the original game.
    More chances now of a Resident Evil 3 Remake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ada's new redesign is the most bland and boring shit I have ever seen. Like all sense of her character is completely gone, to the point I wouldn't have been able to tell it was Ada, had her name not been said in the trailer. I didn't like Chris's new design in RE 7 either.

  5. I think, putting Ada's cards on the table (at least most of 'em) is a pretty smart move.
    I mean: at the moment EVERYBODY knows that she's a spy.
    So watching her pretending that she's just a damsel in distress looking for her boyfriend one more time would've been lame.

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