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Replay – Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows

Marvel’s Spider-Man releases for PS4 today, and fans the world over are bed-ridden with Spidey Fever! Unfortunately, Reiner, Reeves, Suriel and Leo have contracted a different strain of Spidey Fever that made them play Web Of Shadows on Xbox 360.

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  1. This game has great combat and great web swinging. That’s it. The story is mediocre and the voice acting is atrocious. The game’s slowdown is ridiculous and the graphics aren’t that good even for its time. This game totally deserves a 6.

  2. most underrated superhero game of all time. easily the second best spiderman game behind insomniacs. incredibly deep combat divided between two suits so two different move sets layered even deeper by 3 separate fighting modes from air, ground, and wall that are seamlessly and fluidly interconnected by the web strike move. combat was very deep. on top of that the original story was a really cool and original take on the symbiotes that involved choice and two different endings that perfectly captures what the black suit does to peter. in that regard it did a great job of implementing the symbiote in a meaningful way into gameplay AND story. it was also one of the few spiderman games that wasnt a movie tie in with a shit story. plus they involved a bunch of characters from the greater marvel universe like wolverine, luke cage, and moon knight which was a very cool touch. web swinging wasnt the best out there but it was great. it had some uneven voice acting and poorly written dialogue (the games only real flaws) but it also had fantastic moments like the dialogue where youre making fun of fisk being fat or the conversations with wolverine. having his voice change to darker and grittier based on the suit decision you make was again a cool detail.

    really awesome and underrated game its a 8.5/10 imo and in the top 3 spiderman games right behind insomniacs. the only thing spiderman 2 did better was web swinging. the only thing ultimate spiderman did better was writing and voice acting.

    also that failed qte was spiderman 3.

  3. controversial but.. I think the combat in this game while not perfect, is better then the button mashy, single button combat of Spider-man ps4..

  4. this games combat is way better than spiderman ps4, this is my favorite spiderman game, its totally underated, the swinging and music is fantastic

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