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Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 Proves Rockstar Is The Best

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Jeff Cork talks about playing Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 and why the gameplay and story of Arthur Morgan completely blew him away. Subscribe to Game Informer’s podcast here -…

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  1. Why is the guy on the left writing with his pinky? Driving my OCD crazy. Put the pen down and use your index dominant finger like a normal person.

  2. i think why this games hype overshadows the hype of spider man is because spidey has had a rocky start but with rockstar games its just been a straight line of great games

  3. if your horse dies your going to be walking that will kind of suck especially after you bond with it leveling it just don't know much about that.

  4. Why in the f $%k are people saying RDR2 is going to look worst on the XB1X??? I haven't seen ONE game look better on the ps4 pro vs the XB1X. The XB1X console has more power than the pro. Anyone who would disagree don't know anything about hardware. So with that being said, how is it going to look worst??? Hater's. If the pro had the hardware the X and the X had the hardware of the pro, ps4 fan boys would be talking so much shit about how PlayStation will always be the more powerful, best console in the world. STFU

  5. I bet Arthur and Abigail had a thing going on at one point, which continued emotionally into RDR2. Would make sense why John and Arthur don't like each other, and why neither John or Abigail mentions Arthur in the first game. Plus, it would be a nod to Butch Cassidy.

  6. GTA V had a dull open-world with boring gunplay and Witcher 3 had ps2 controls with lackluster combat, despite being great games by awesome developers. So how about waiting until both of their uber hyped games come out before comparing anything, ya?

  7. red dead proves rockstar is greedy because you can already see they’re doing the same shit they did with gta but more lazy and want some easy money when they are slowly dying but red dead story mode does prove rockstar can make amazing games when they put their heart into it but when the greedy side of them takes place you just want to quit forever

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