NBA Live 19 Review

EA’s NBA Live franchise returns with its best effort in a while capturing the spirit and atmosphere of basketball culture, but it’s not without its problems.

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  1. I love NBA LIVE but somebody tell me way!!! This shit hit me with a blue screen every time I finish my first season in. I mean I grind on this shit heavy I did this twice the first time it happened I thought nothing of it then it happened again and now I'm at a point where I can barely even look at this game dude this shit is so annoying like I think that I might be the only one going though this shit I'm am literally confused cause NBA LIVE 18 no issues but now in NBA LIVE 19 the one Edition I can't bruh they kick me out the game after my first season error code. I'm Done ✌

  2. I agree. This shit is insane. Can't use legends in franchise, can't draft them, trades. Can't even use them in play now. This is ridiculouls. All things you can do in 2k without all of the unnecessary LUT and packs bs. I don't play online, I'm strictly franchise. I want to root for live and complained about these missing aspects when I had live 18.

  3. Best game ever on the mobile version but why can't you earn stamina to continue play anymore? I've been playing the mobile version since it started so keep it real and keep it playable via mobile….no one is gonna buy stamina to play that game…. C'MON!!!!!!

  4. EA should bring out UFC 4 already I'm over NBA LIVE lol dumb asses cancelled 5 titles out the series in one decade smh wow Elite 11,LIVE12,LIVE13,LIVE17 and LIVE20 smh that's just sad man LIVE won't be around in the next 5 years.

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