Marvel's Spider-Man – The Heist DLC Black Cat Reveal Trailer

Black Cat is coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man in the first DLC pack, arriving this October.

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  1. I remember when you use to get a complete game without DLC, they have found a way to get people to pay what they've been wanting to sell them for from 80 to 100 dollars a game.

  2. im really annoyed tht this is DLC. The catwoman sidequest in the game is so repetitive and boring with an unsatisfying climax, I think they could have done something else entirely.
    It should have been a sidequest where you investigate places shes robbed picking up clues which then climaxes with spidey trying to foil a robbery or something. The sidequest could have been more akin to the deadshot sidequest in arkham city. Everything in the game is fun becasue the core gameplay loop is so satisfying, but that doesnt excuse undercooked content.

  3. So bought the three dlc for $25, i and put the code in my ps4 but nothing happens because i realize that each of dlc are coming out soon does this means i have to buy it again?

  4. Ok, so agree with the comments saying that ads for DLC on an unreleased game are pretty shamless….that being said, now that we know this game is GOLD, I can't wait for the DLC and I've literally never bought DLC before

  5. It's so obvious that it isn't even cut content. People really need to get off the anti-corporation bandwagon and realize that not every company is out here just doing shady maneuvers to steal your money.

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