FIFA 19 Review

FIFA 19 is back for another season, but how does it measure up to PES 2019. Find out what we made of it in our review.

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  1. Very bad football (soccer) game with some standard movements… For people who play it, they know what I mean. And when the CPU wants you to loose, you loose even if you have 11 CR7 in your team and CPU has 11 grannies of mine…

  2. I have played many FIFA titles over the years, but the Play stations I used never lasted longer than a year or 2 years before going on the blink. So FIFA 19 is the first I've played since 06. I liked it at first, even although I was no longer unbeatable at it. However, after 4 or 5 days at first, it has not been in my xbox for over a month now. I suppose it's just not that interesting. Alan Smith is as dull as dirty dishwater and the game controls and just plain annoying. Enough to put me off football altogether. I did warn EA sports where they were going with all this though, but did they listen? NO. Just as longer as you all keep putting in the £50 per year to buy the lastest hairstyles and kit changes this is what you'll get. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ

  3. I was gonna buy FIFA 19 but seeing what everyone is saying I think I might just reinstall FIFA 18. Doesn't look like it changed at all. I gave up Fifa from Fifa 15 to Fifa 18. Think I'll stick with 18 until one of the games gets good reviews and save 50 euro.

  4. Can sombody tell me what is going on with the shoot button!!! The ball either flies over the ball or if i tap the shoot button very quickly the ball seems to do a kind of lob!!!

  5. this game maybe far from perfect but for something on the go it’s not bad,$60 is a little too much but i mean buying it on sale is worth($14 right now)

  6. You should give it 5 you little dumb this game is full of handicap and scripting you didnt even try the game you lil kids you just review it 7 cuz its EA game 🖕🏾

  7. EA please make champions league playable online with different players and not only with AI. Also make the cup matches open 24hrs a day sometimes when the cup window opens you don’t get a chance to play due to certain reasons then you have to wait 10 days for the cup window to open please look into this. One more thing in kick off matches different modes which was included in Fifa 19 if all modes are available in Fifa 20 as well it would be amazing if we could play it online with different skilled level players and not only with friends or AI it will be more competitive. Please please request you to make these changes.

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