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Exclusive Impressions Of Call Of Duty's Blackout Battle Royale

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson, Javy Gwaltney, and Dan Tack share new details about the gameplay for Call of Duty’s battle royale mode from Treyarch based on our exclusive cover story. Subscribe to Game Informer’s…

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  1. Fortnite's popularity and appeal will undoubtedly stay intact once BO4 drops (hopefully at least); I think that's it's style and overall atmosphere/fun factor will do the heavy lifting and help it remain relevant. I can't help but wonder if PUBG will thrive with such a similar opponent in the market though.

  2. Let me tell you how it'll work. They will sell the game for regular price and as soon as sales start to slow or diminish they will make blackout F2P. They'll most likely offer the folks that bought the game a free skin or cod points or something.

  3. Okay I just wanna know why this nigga really said "motion picture" like that's still a thing. Call it a movie or a film, don't ever say that shit again

  4. I can't wait… I haven't brought a COD since MW2&3, I'm more of a BF guy and I'm thinking this will Own all BR games because Dice has failed me with that crap they call BF5… I'm going all in to the point of maybe getting a BlackOut wrap on my 2018 Type-R… will see

  5. there's important data that needs to be marketed here… to bring back those who have written off this franchise.
    there's MASSIVE changes from standard CoD here… that people don't know about yet.
    all the big gripes many people hate about CoD ARE BEING REMOVED for this version – to make battle royale actually work.

    – no more "free health regen after not being shot for 5 seconds." (this is required to facilitate/legitimize longer range engagements. you need this so that people can't just take long range shots at each other endlessly by hiding behind cover for 5 seconds forever. it would be comically bad.)

    – no more chaotic and super fast enemy respawns right behind you, so you get killed by the guy you just killed before you reload after killing them (you get one life, this isn't death match. that kind of gameplay, tiny maps with enemy spawning right behind you the second you turn your back… is not competitive at all. it is trash.)

    – longer time required to kill (when you die in a split second, i hate that. the reason most CoD fans tolerate instant death like that is because they can also instantly respawn, and instantly find another enemy to shoot.. instantly… and somehow, some people don't hate that…. but if you want to win BR… that's not how things work… so changing TTK to be a bit longer (not bullet sponge though) is necessary)

    the one thing i want to know is… is this game/mode NOT including a down/execute/revive system?
    because without it, it kinda still fails to capture the mode properly.

  6. I mean… fuck this guy that says "zoom out further" 60 times before they talk about the fucking game. We don't care about your event. That shit literally means nothing to your audience. SPEAK. ABOUT. THE. GAME.

  7. I started off being quite skeptical about this, but I’m starting to get very excited the more I hear about it. I really hope this is amazing.

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