19 Amazing New FIFA 19 Features You May Have Missed

FIFA 19’s release date for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch is nearly here. To get yourself warmed up for the big kick off, check out these 19 features you might have missed.

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  1. This review is a fucking joke cause there are too many flaws in this game that they still haven't patched anything in 3 weeks. Corners are better then most one-on-ones, AI(Artifical Intelligence) needs to be nerfed cause you can basically dominant your opponent but you can't get past his 59 paced Centrebacks, the passing is inconsistent cause a simple through ball goes too far, Goalie turning into Superman, Momentum is still in this game and most people who really plays the game still sees it, speed up lags needs to be sorted out ASAP cause that destroys to build-up play at big moments in a match, Lastly the fact that Career mode and Pro Clubs haven't been touched yet they have huge potential to be so much more.

  2. 3.5k likes to the video vs the bad comments likes has no correlation… This likes must been bots, no real persons, not a single popular good comments…. This could be another video with disabled comments soon… EA suicide action backlash is worse than Microsoft's DRM/ always online/ 24 hrs confirmation backlash back then in 2013

  3. I just bought fifa 19 gosh what a rip off, I work long hours, many days in a row so get limited time to play, the manager mode fits my life style best, I can pick up and put down as I need, I have purchased every fifa since it started but not no more, manager mode has gone from fun to the most forgotten format, it’s a shocker this year, I can’t see any additions, looks like I will have to switch to FM of PES, I am positively gutted and can’t even take it back, I want to see player ratings without waiting 28 days for a scout to tell me only for it to go again a year on, I want to edit my stadium, my kit, my team name, I want managers to move clubs like in real life, hire a trainer a physio, I want to train a young player to world class before he needs a walking stick, I want to edit my goal keepers kit, build trading grounds, I want realistic transfers where teams don’t have seven left backs and no right backs, or 1 goalkeeper but 20 attackers and 1 midfielder, I want EA to just care about us older manager players who purchased the game for many years to make it the success it is now, even create a stand alone game, but no they are to greedy for that. Gutted!

  4. I'm not able to change commentary language in fifa 19 "ps4" in audio settings dialogue settings can be changed but not commentary. Plz help.

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