World War 3 – Official Gameplay Trailer | Gamescom 2018

World War 3 explodes onto Steam this fall 2018. Watch this brand new gameplay trailer to get a glimpse at the action.

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  1. Suppose wcs, its a persistent world server even with full destruction and blown sewer gateways – there should still be a form of infinite support to bring NPC activity everywhere to enhance the immersion. IF 1 in 4 is player, its all hostile players shooting at the enemy it happens and its exciting. They need NPC activity in those scenes. I imagine every Zeus of this gameframe would standard one antitank per squad, or desperate resource points otherwise (mines). The NPC integration will be huge. That RPG element they bring will bring landmines to practical use, from sending convoys down predictable avenues when guidance is followed to provoke the outcome.

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