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Why NHL 19 Feels Like A Big Improvement

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Matt Bertz and Matthew Kato talk about playing NHL 19 and how the skating and collision has improved since NHL 18’s gameplay. Subscribe to Game Informer’s podcast here –

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  1. Last one I bought was Nhl08… They've all seem the same, we need that big graphical leap now, better cameras, better broadcasting, commentating, live stats, highlights from other teams in playoffs just like I think nhl93 had… There's a lot to improve, maybe this one will be a rental.

  2. The skating actually felt awesome. However, when Zdeno Chara can have the same skating stance and agile animations as McDavid, that’s a minor problem that hopefully will be tuned down a bit. When I skate as an enforcer i can LT and skate my way to the net at will, which can be done but needs to be nerfed a tad bit.

    Also animation cancel is still a thing and me and everyone in Tier 1 Ones uses it

  3. I'm impressed. Honestly. So many good games coming out this Fall I was hell bent on skipping NHL 19. NHL 16-18 were insanely similar (even moreso than usual from prior years) so I had insanely low expectations going into the beta with no plans on purchasing.

    Well. I'll be preordering. The skating is night and day and nearly changes everything. Puck pickups and rebounds are MUCH better this year and FINALLY they've nerfed the damn poke check so it's not a poke checking spamfest anymore. I think the latest tuner they added at the tail end of the beta was perfect. DONT TOUCH IT ANYMORE!

    Also, hitting is vastly improved. I rarely hit in EAs hockey games because it's far too inconsistent and with the wonky skating it can just put you out of position. Now I'm a lot more confident with my checks and instead of constantly trying to poke the puck carrier coming towards me if you let him come in slowly you can just muscle the skater off the puck without some random BS happening. It's great.

    Like the changes to EASHL too. Online feels wonderful. The best it's ever been by far. This is a good start and is shaping up to be the NHL 14 of last gen. Yes, more work needs to be done for goaltending, board play, mode enhancements and overall presentation but this is a good start. They've already done more this year than in the last 4 years combined.

    Preordering next week. Even my buddy liked it and he hated NHL 18 and also had no plans on purchasing NHL 19.

  4. I'm so sick and tired of people who complain about no changes, they rebuilt the skating physics, and the hitting physics all in one year, stop whining and complaining when most of the core gameplay has already been changed for NHL 19, just because the game hasn't made a graphical update doesn't mean its automatically a bad game, shut up and quit complaining to all of you that are

  5. just make franchise mode and be a pro feel more immersive and not arcade-like that's all I'm asking for. They made some progress in NHL14 but that was cut when they made the jump to the next gen, why? If you had those mechanics why not keep them and improve them? Look at NBA2K and learn from them, the mycareer mode there is so much more interesting to play because of the storyline and immersion.

  6. Played the beta and It plays faster… but the same crappy AI exists.. Especially the goalie AI is still dog shit. Same exploit goals and money shots are in 19. Makes playing online a total waste of time. When does EA make the game finally reward SMART hockey… and not the exploit bullshit? And fix the tripping penalties and skin color of the players. Did the whole NHL get gift cards to their local tanning salon's for the summer?

  7. I miss:

    – Not being able to make 45 degree cuts
    – Being able to throw a normal pokecheck (Really hope that gets fixed)

  8. Whoever online is saying it looks exactly the same does not know what they are talking about it looks alot better than NHL'18 way better Visually. All the players actually look like the players they are also not all short a stubby look or big and lugging looking. They are designed alot better people who can't notice these changes must be still playing on a tube t.v. I could tell right away that it looked better.

  9. This game fucking sucks, sorry. Ratings almost irrelevant, as always, 75 speed guys chasing down 99's. Pokechecks take it right off a Kane/McDavid stick with ease, unless you do it in which case it's a penalty 75% of the time. Passing is ok. Shooting sucks. Deking is terrible or non-existent. Constant penalty kills. Ridiculously bad computer teammate AI. Impossible to intercept passes but computer gets them constantly. Every computer player exactly 1 step faster than all your players, and on and on.

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