WarioWare Was Ahead Of Its Time

With WarioWare Gold out now on 3DS, Tony takes a look at how the series has foreshadowed Nintendo’s moves over the years, from the Wii, to the Wii U, to the Switch.

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  1. I like to describe the relationship of WarioWare and Kirby Games as so: Games that test the limitations of the game system. Kirby demonstrates the game system's capability at its simplest, while WarioWare pushes it to its maximum. it's only appropriate for WarioWare to show up on every device like Kirby. I wonder when they'll make that Wario Switch game ….

  2. Nintendo: Makes WarioWare

    Also Nintendo: Quits the Wario Land Series

    Toxic Nintendo Fans: “Excellent! Now i have another good reason to yell at Nintendo! Thanks!”

  3. How can you not say any thing of WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Games! for GameCube? its the best one of them all and have the best multiplayer mode Fever! Me and my friends play that more then Smash some times!

  4. This video is forgetting about Mega Party Games, which is one of the best party games ever made. I don't know if it's really made its way into games later in terms of influence, but god is it so much fun to scream at your friends/family while playing microgames, and it's even easier to learn than Mario Party.

    I just wish it wasn't 60+ dollars on the aftermarket.

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