The Ripper Doc: Official Character Modding Gameplay Demo | Cyberpunk 2077

See how cybernetic modding works in Cyberpunk 2077 when you visit a “ripper doc” to get new augmentations installed.

Watch the full gameplay reveal here:


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  1. Ah man I can already see poor Victor being one that can be killed of in the story somewhere down th eline in Cyberpunk lets hope not however 😀

  2. I was honestly expecting this to be a 3rd person game. Might've allowed a bit more admiration of ones own character from a distance what with character customization and to kind of break away from the trend for FPS. Not that I might not still get the game; looks detailed but, it just seems like first person was a step less… suitable for the direction the game was heading. Hopefully there's settings that will allow for play in 3rd person!

  3. 'Humanity Cost'. I hope it's a cost we can lessen or recover from so we can get new stuff without suffering Cyberpsychosis. Don't want to cripple ourselves just because we have to upgrade to survive.

  4. I wonder if there’s a way to play “pure,” without upgrades. I know that’s not the point of the game but it would be an interesting challenge and possibly different outcome.

  5. I actually don't know what to say I'm so happy. Like…DUDE! Can I seriously get blades coming out of my arms and see my limbs split apart?! See my fuckin' eyes glow in the dark? Have metal bolted onto my skin? Literally hack into people's brains? THIS IS GAME OF THE DECADE, I AM CALLING IT RIGHT NOW.

  6. I hope every implant and part we get shows it being installed like this imagine how cool it would look when getting the mantis blades installed

  7. Is it weird that I literally wanna get shit hooked up in my brain

    Probably not a good idea with my circumstances but maybe NeuroLink can give me faster reflectors

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