Official Night City Open World Exploration Gameplay Demo | Cyberpunk 2077

Here’s a first look at Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City, as the game’s main character, V, tours her home and accepts a quest Dexter DeShawn, a Fixer.

Watch the full gameplay reveal here:


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  1. Everyone here saying this is a lie and the game looks nothing like this are clearly a little blind. I admit it is utter shit on base PS4 and Xbox One. I myself was planning on getting it for the PS4 but on seeing stuff I thought I would wait till I get PS5 and will play it on that. But when you look at all the PC stuff at Max Settings or close even, it looks better then this. RTX makes a huge difference and crowds look amazing along with all the traffic. Saying the game looks worse then this is simply wrong when you compare it to the PC version. It simply makes me wish I had a PC capable of running it to look as good as it does on that platform. The biggest shame is everyone expecting the game to be as good as this video on PS4 and Xbox One. When I saw this sure I thought maybe the PS4 would be close but I never thought it was gonna be perfect. Just go watch Digital Foundrys video on the game and you will see that it is incredible when running on the correct hardware.

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