Official High Level Character Combat & Boss Fight Gameplay Demo | Cyberpunk 2077

See a high level Solo character fight through a mission and a boss fight in this Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo.

Watch the full gameplay reveal here:


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  1. They need to add 3rd person option. The gun play seems numb/soft. I don't like that rolling/smooth effect when you walk/run. The world and ideas are great, but the game play is underwhelming. Overall the gun play and combat feel seems soft.

  2. Just on the combat, it looks pretty interesting, but if I'll be honest a little unresponsive. However I have no doubt it'll be an exceptional rpg, but the combat seems a little flat, especially in comparison to other first person shooters coming out soon like Doom Eternal and Rage 2. Some of the mechanics involved look pretty cool with the movement and bending bullets and the weapons look awesome.

  3. 1:20 so now that you have a slow motion for the players that have no skill and don't wanna practice in the game to actually progress, you give them a gun that automatically targets people, without mentioning the shotgun supergiant target area. Come on guys, dont make a call of duty out of a game that looks so amazing it can be a legendary game. Easy games are boring games, more skills and weapons should give us more challenge, not make the game easy AF.

  4. Why don't they just open up early-release access to an experimental closed server for certain people in their company so they can show off streams of what's playable and not playable?

  5. See somany coment say this is average, may be it not for them for me the only interesting fps was fallout series just because it has so much fun. I see it in this video too so many way to fun around. Not just running a round with just a rifle and try to headshoot everything that just boring af

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