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New Gameplay Today – Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Game Informer’s Ben Reeves, Jeff Cork, Ben Hanson, and intern Jacob Geller show off new gameplay of Lara Croft traversing the jungle in Shadow of the Tomb Raider from Eidos-Montreal.

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  1. My impression on the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider;

    *The environment, the sound effects,voices,overall gameplay, the scenery has been great entire series and here looking even sweeter yet more uptight.

    * Combat still stinks! it does not go beyond a couple of moves. Still , this is probably the only reason i got tedious on TR series despite anything else which has been designed and applied so nicely.

    * Facial animations? They appear to be weird especially compared to highly realistic animations on previous TR game : Rise of the Tomb Raider.

    P.S : Judging by her underwater trip and swimming, i am sort of disappointed that why there is no drowning feature. There is no feature which could hinder her from lurking underwater as long as she wants.

  2. Man I miss the OG Lara Croft, and I've played and finished both of latest TR games ( good game's) But most importantly, gives zero fan service, no Lara in a bikini with her twin pistols, no "wink wink" moments to the player, the OG Lara Croft was a badass, but also embraced her sexuallity ( it's not a bad word gentleman) and was still feminine ( Not Feminist) this new Lara Croft as a character is just boring to plays as, and just an over all uninteresting character. It's what happens when you have Millennial beta male feminist running the industry today. It's the new standard, just go asked Neil Cuckman over at Naughty Dog.


  3. I am so so with this game it is not overwhelming to me unfortunately I’ll end up beating up because it is the third and final one that I need to be to complete series but so far I am not impressed all so much

  4. Lara Croft was never a crazy killer of big massive oceans of guys. She never had to kill sooooo many thousands of guys – a bunch of dumb assholes with the same personality- to progress in her duty. Tomb Raider was always about the mystery and the exploration, not about with how much complexity you can kill people. That kind of gameplay is already overdone whatsoever. If I want to be on some place killing people all the time, I'll go and play 90% of videogames out there like Last of Us. I'm expecting something different on an adventure game. And come on, she's a short crying barbie. No way I'm going to believe she can kill so much. And what about the twin pistols, she used them by the end of tomb raider (2013). Whatever. Also they should think about let the player go where they want, and not make the environments like one single path you have to follow as if it was a corridor where you can only go forward and backwards.

    The first games made you feel like you had to make efforts to jump here and get there, and use the right buttons. Now you just press forward and Lara does everything totally automated with animations without a sense of weight. Not fun. I found it funny when on this last game, she finds monkeys on the trees as she was going through the jungle, and she was actually better at climbing trees than the fucking monkeys hahaha. Og god…

  5. Let me guess, every man that she murders is a white male. And every woman in this game is a strong and powerful woman who kicks ass and takes names who eats spiders and mice for breakfast, dinner and tea.. .. ??????

  6. They still need to work on her hair its stiff and glitches unless it's under water it bothers me. Wish they had hair graphics like uncharted lost legacy.

  7. Don't like the facial animations so far, Lara's especially. In Rise, they were phenomenal. Here, what's with the permanent resting bitch face?

  8. Anyone who is working on a TR franchise working on the game mechanics/gameplay who doesn't like and actively discourages puzzles should be sent somewhere else. There are enough games out there for you and your dog to fill your linear gun shooting needs. We need something different and taking away a unique aspect of a game and making it just like any other is boring and lazy.

  9. It's amazing how we can go from a game of the year contender. To this in 2 years lol. Even Laura looks way different here.

    Which is supposed to take place just a few months after the previous installment. But then again what possessed Square-Enix to change developers.

    At a time when things were finally starting to turn around.  No doubt Square will try to pass the blame off on Eidos Montreal.

    When sales figures finally come in.  But I just feel sorry for Crystal Dynamics. As why not let them finish what they started.

    I mean I always suspected Laura was a cold-blooded bitch. But seriously give her a reason to be that way.

    It's too bad considering the gameplay was good in kind of masochistic sort of way lol. But still I think this was a missed opportunity here, just saying.

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