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New, Exclusive Assassin's Creed Odyssey Impressions

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Leo Vader, Jeff Cork, and Joe Juba talk about Game Informer’s new cover story on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and what they learned from their exclusive trip to see the game at Ubisoft Quebec….

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  1. iam fan of AC games from the beginning . like( Ezio trilogy)( black flag / AC3) and( unity / syndicate) it dosen't matter if odyssey and origins r identical it isn't new for ubisoft to do that as i said before. i liked origins and i think iam gonna like this too
    but it was a mistake from ubisoft to launch this game in 2018 it should be in 2019

  2. i really want to like this game but i just cannot in good conscious give money to them for another yearly release plus i think bayek deserves another game and that is what i will hold out for. He was the one to generate such buzz and love from people in a time where people were giving up on this franchise. bayek and origins saved the franchise. Yet no one is really excited over these generic pick your own characters from this game. I will give ubisoft money for more bayek but not for this.

  3. I stopped playing AC games right after Black Flag… I think this games have lost so much essence that was in the first games, there were 2 stories: the modern time and then the past events. I liked the modern time aspect and how it connected with the past, we can all agree Ezio is by far the greatest assassin in history and there was so much development in his story. Now AC has become a franchise that Ubisoft continues to work in because they want more money, each game features characters that are never heard of in future games and are just there because they need to be, the games have become so repetitive (there are always ships and naval combat but after some time and games it grows boring and repetitive). And now the modern era is not so developed as when Desmond was alive… I think Ubisoft should look in the past (you see what I did there lol) back when AC 1 and Ezio trilogy and really focus on doing: good character development, good mix between past and modern times, and making the games actually connected to each other, like Desmond story did

  4. Gonna wait till it's cheap looks great but I've already played this game 6 months ago when I played Origins ,plus theirs so many different games releasing this year and next that I must play first

  5. 5:33 look at the gameplay footage it shows just how outdated and lazy the game mechanics is – NPC doesn't hear the character jumping right behind him, why bother calling it a steath game jeez

  6. A must buy for me along with Divinity OS for Console and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. Looks like Odysseys the very thing to get me to enjoy Assasins Creed and play it again after the first three games sucked and turned me away. As a big RPG fan im particularly looking forward to Odyssey even though its not a true (tradititional) RPG.

  7. People are trying to overanalyze this. This is pretty much Black Flag and the Witcher together, but you're a fuckin Spartan. This is awesome, and I'm good with it.

  8. syndicate was shit, origins by far my favorite assassins creed game, with black flag 2nd. Hope this game is similar to origins, kinda worried how they said it was more syndicaty

  9. The Origins DLC looks pretty samey.

    And ship combat was never one of the main pillars of AC, it was an added on feature. Assassinations, Stealth and Parkour were the main pillars.

  10. Tell me, why should these companies try to evolve their games or put any effort into them if all gamers do is complain. They don't change anything, you all complain. They change stuff, you all complain. I'm very excited for this game and I'm VERY excited to see what direction the series is going in.

  11. Im here for this rpg type AC if they make one in the Viking Era , that would be insane , being a viking raiding recruiting warriors etc , the Saxons could be the Templars

  12. lol that guy with the glasses is funny, he said he didn't like origins because it didn't feel assassin creed nor it captured the feel while this one seems to have gone completely off course, doesn't even look nor feel like an assassin's creed game. Origins in many ways felt more like a true AC game, assassinations, targets, that assassin type feeling going after targets even though Bayek was just a medjay for the first half of the game, Bayek creating his own assassin guild while Aya creating her own at the end. The first DLC was all focused on the brotherhood lol like I said the dude is funny.

  13. Origins was the first AC game I played that I actually liked, had any fun with and could actually be bothered to finish. Odyssey looks like Origins on steroids. Plus Ancient Greece, one of my personal favorite times of ancient history.

  14. Assassin's creed syndicate was less than half a game. It took about 12 hours to complete everything in the game. Ubisoft were really taking the piss out of the customers in syndicate.

  15. I enjoyed Origins a lot but its going away from what Assassin’s Creed was…I’ll still buy it for the setting. Love Greece.

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