Madden NFL 19 Review

Madden NFL 19 nails the controls, Franchise gets more attention, and Longshot returns with a memorable story.

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  1. What this games needs to add to make it for realistic is the option of hiring and firing GMs and Head Coaches, and even Assistant Coaches too. Realistic player injury scene, practice brawls, rarely fans running onto the field and security chasing after them and tackling them. More player conversations on the sidelines, more reports on player injury and availably. The Anthem WITHOUT players taking a knee. Post game coverage and reactions after the game. Halftime report on the rest of the teams. More custom fans with jerseies and mascots. And the NFL draft.

  2. Is it me or are there way too many injuries this year. I'm playing with the Giants, and I'm only in my second game of the season. I've already lost Barkley, Manning, OBJ, both Shepards, my back up running back, two offensive lineman, Apple, Oggletree, and Collins for at minimum 8 weeks. I'm playing people off the street now.

  3. it looks like they are running through water. like the atmosphere is thick. it looks really unnatural as if they struggle to run forward. a lot of the body movements especially the transitions look very sharp and awkward. the faces look good, but the players (and coaches) move as if they are just the outside of a body, you know like when the dogs bark at robots in Terminator. its weird. also, a story mode… why??? EA, i'm talking to YOU: just stick to the GAME OF FOOOOOOOOTBAAAALLLLLLLLLL. this is not complicated, you guys have a way of doing all this extra unnecessary BS that nobody cares about. Oh, and since you guys do battlefield: FIND A WAY to do first person in which you can move your head. You know what its like being on a battlefield without being able to turn your head? getting shot from your East and West. In Madden, I'd like to see multiple camera zoom options: 1. In helmet. 2. Shoulder (left & right option) 3. Near zoom 4. Medium Zoom 5. Distant Zoom. Think you guys can manage that for 2020? Just stick to gameplay ie Physics and the style of top players. 1…2…3… BREAK!

  4. Where's the realism???…. The referees still don't touch the football. How realistic is that??… 8 is too high for Madden 19.

  5. You seem to be a fan boy. I listened to a couple of reviews went out and bought it and then realized they bought you guys out like the nfl. So how much they paying y’all

  6. I haven't watched this review yet but the game been out long enough for them to see all the glitches faults and all the stupid stuff this game is doing this game should not get more than a 5.5 out of 10

  7. they need people who actually played some level of organized football working on madden . not the kids who got teased by them . nothing about madden is authentic . madden is made by people who couldnt play … so they made football playable for everyone . look at how they screwed up the progression system and that long shot CRAP . madden is for people that dont really understand football and thats ok . its just not for people like me . at least make it a little bit realistic . tecmo bowl with better graphics . …. ….

  8. The criticism about madden 19 to me was petty. Complaining about the body movement of players is ridiculous because there were glitches like this in 18,17, 16…etc. the gameplay looks the same but it is supposed to be, it’s football. At least EA is trying to upgrade the franchise mode. I’m okay with it. I wish you could create your own players as you could with NCAA Football, maybe next year. Don’t agree with critics but this time I’m with them. Fans I think are wrong on this.

  9. Madden 19 is rubbish. They say they wanted to be like the game but I've never seen a game where receivers or whoever drop 7 or 8 Balls every game. I don't understand why they put it in there that you died backwards when you dive towards the quarterback. That happens too much. The lineman can't block at all. And everyone is slow. Defense has a quicker take off and the offense is slow taking off and takes forever to get going fast. Stupid game horrible horrible horrible

  10. Whoever wrote this review should get fired. They've obviously never seen a madden game before. The things he praises are the menus and the commentating. Who fucking cares?

  11. I'm just realizing how old I am and how millions of kids playing madden weren't even born when 2k was still making NFL games and how dirty EA was.

  12. The last Madden game I played before this one was the venerable Madden 10, and honestly it's still better than this one. The presentation is ridiculously obnoxious, even before you get to the constant in-game advertisements for Madden Ultimate Team. The animations are about the same, despite Madden 10 being almost a decade older. It doesn't look as nice visually, of course, but who's ever cared about that?

    There was a more in-depth franchise mode, and the playcalling system just worked – why in Madden 19 does it default to the same bloody play you just ran? You're unlikely to run it again. Return to the formation selection each new down, please!

    ESPN NFL 2K5 continues to be the best Football game made to date.

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