Giving Ghost Recon Wildlands A Second Chance

One year after Ghost Recon Wildlands’ release, and numerous updates later, Mike Mahardy returns to Ubisoft’s open-world shooter.

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  1. I hate these " second chance " crap, it gets kinda emotional year after ruining the game with they're rushed reviews then giving it a second chance… The game was cool since day one y'all just do this to leave a place for a second video for money shut up..

  2. Would have been amazing to make AT LEAST FEW alternative scenarios:

    Choices inside the drug cartel conflict, especially when El Sueno offers you a job almost at the end of the campaign, what if there were MULTIPLE alternatives endings with:

    – us actually working for him;
    – us killing him while working for him;
    – us hunting rival cartel while working for him
    – conflict between US government and us while working for him

    All above options are the obvious references to the (before) last "four luxury car" job offer from El Sueno mini mission…

    Ubisoft made an amazing open world game, but fell very close to the mark PERFECT AND LEGENDARY by giving us a choice only in HOW TO DO and not WHAT TO DO

  3. You have a lot of criticism for the narrative. What if this, what if that, you could have done this … How big do you think they can make a game based on all the different scenarios you want? 100GB? 120GB? … and development, 2 years, possibly 3? Or better yet hire 4x the staff to work on this project and make the final price so prohibitive no one will buy it….All you have done here is complain about a fairly well polished GAME. Go back to playing with LEGGO and a bucket in the sandbox….Geeesh.

  4. "Cringy dialogue"???? Whatever are you on about dude? I enjoyed every bit of this game and I don't even like shooters that much. And I am a gigantic fan of good voice acting and this game has left nothing to be desired in that regard.

  5. Don't take the story and narrative to serious. For me it was something else. Every time it makes me laugh. A nice brake in the serious stealth shooting gameplay.

  6. Bro, with your obvious intelligence, articulation and analytical thought process… GET INTO POLITICS AND FIX THE WORLD! 😂
    I’m mostly joking about the last part, but you have the capability of positive change in anything you approach.

  7. Wildlands is seriously underrated and by far one of the best open world rpg, stealth and visually stunning games out there by far. When it comes to maps of such vast divercity and sheer scale and so much to do it takes a great deal to compete with Wildlands. The games amazing I love it. It gets way too much negative energy same with breakpoint another game that's not even that bad once you get used to it.

  8. Bought a few days ago and loving it.i cant even say it's that repetitive getting into bases because they're not all the same, guard towers in different places, more snipers sometimes, too many enemies in 1 place so sometimes a big shootout is inevitable. I'm way too addicted to this game. I already know I'm going to finish it too fast so I'm doing as many side missions as I can before story missions

  9. Shooting is clunky? Dude this is a realistic shooting sims with bullet drops and rifle weight, its not freaking a Bioshock! hahaha. If you see it as is and don't compare it to fantasy open worlds and manage your expectations of what a military sim should feel, it's an awesome game hehe. PS. driving a helicopter on the flamingo lake made me fall in love with the game even more.

  10. Dude what's your issue, it's a fictional game about drug cartels, don't get all upset because it has scenes of drug use… If that's gonna get you all upset, you shouldn't been playing the game in the first instance… For the rest of us, we'll keep playing it as we loved it, its fun, we don't take it seriously… We shoot people in the head without a missed heartbeat, because it's just a game…

  11. I love this game!
    Also, I don't like playing as a Ghost. I like driving through the front gate in an armored truck, with a bunch of rebels, and just fuck them up.

  12. Only just bought this game on STEAM Sale, this is not really like any previous GR games, more like a rail shooter than the tactical game of old. All in all this is a different game, I thought I would enjoy playing it as I've played The Division . which I read that this is similar to. I have only played a few hours so far so haven't really explored its full potential yet.

  13. While playing Wildlands, I sympathized with el sueno several times…I'd say they hit a good balance in the plot.

  14. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. You don't compare ghost recon to another game just because they released 4 days and because its open world…fuck you dude

  15. The biggest and best open world game the world has seen to date…
    It might not be for everybody, but enough people still plays it, for it to be knows as a good f'in game.

  16. I just started playing this game again and its actually refreshing to play a game not giving a shot what ppl thought about it. I've started doing this with movies too, I dont even look at scores anymore I just see what is presented to me and determine if I'll like it. Usually I do end up liking it even of it wasn't a critical success. I dont understand why you guys revisit this game to basically say the same shit you said in your original review.

  17. I dont really care that much about story…. Cause I make my own…Meaning i just love to roleplay… And GRW works perfectly from roleplaying perspective… I like to experiment stuff and I see no problem doing that in GRW…These are the reasons I buy games like MGS, GRW, SKYRIM GTA5. And I like GRW.

  18. even a lot of people hate this game, for me this game is really amazing. The only thing i hate about this game is the car physics but aside from that the game is amazing i really enjoyed the missions and the story. For me this game is underrated

  19. I like the combo of GTA5 and FarCry 5 that Wildlands is.
    It provides opportunities for random mayhem if you don't feel like doing the story mission. Its fun to get Unidad to attack Santa Blanca or get creative with proximity mines.
    I paid 17.99 for it in 2021… worth every penny. I actually bought some in-game currency to buy a couple weapon and acessory packs… first time I ever made an in game purchase… just to have some anti-vehicle weapons to facilitate more screwing around lol.

  20. It's painfully obvious and terribly sad that the Ubisoft people simply aped the living hell out of GTA in a desperate attempt to squeeze some profits out of what was a very successful franchise. Instead of developing the awesome tactical military shooter genre they did so much to build they completely abandoned the AI and MILITARY settings of previous titles and simply gave us GTA with army men😑 at least they didn't include the damn hooker

    The biggest fail of this ham-fisted GTA clone is the ridiculously stupid AI were enemy characters can see through foliage when you are completely embedded in a gigantic shrub or seem to wonder in a straight line towards your position when you are completely invisible behind a wall

    If you take a couple quick steps in a compound everyone knows where you are in a split second and paint you with gunfire as if they're all Angry bees heading toward a pheromone source

    This ridiculous AI I've affectionately nicknamed "angry bees AI" because enemies stream at you with absolute disregard for Sight lines, personal safety or Logistics once they're alerted because they know exactly where you are no matter where you are

    It's cheaper easier and more simplistic to use angry bees AI then an intelligent application of artificial intelligence like we saw in previous Ghost Recon titles

    Unfortunately the radical popularity of GTA has made such ridiculous things as "Angry bees AI" acceptable in the modern gaming world because it's so easy for the developers to install and nobody seems to be complaining about the ridiculous way what was a tactical military experience is being portrayed in the next-gen systems

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