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GI Show – Spider-Man, Madden 19, Overcooked 2 Interview

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Andrew Reiner, Ben Reeves, and Javy Gwaltney talk about four hours of hands-on gameplay with Insomniac’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4. We also cover Banner Saga 3. Then Matt Bertz and Matthew Kato join the show to talk…

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  1. The deja vu thing really screwed me up because I wasn’t paying too much attention the first time they read the email so I wasn’t sure I remembered them already talking about ut

  2. Well sometimes I see something very specific and I remember seeing that exact image but I don’t know how. Please help.

  3. Until I read his preview of Spider-man, I had no Idea that Reiner had hair. I always pictured him bald, because he wears a hat all the time.

  4. Good Lord uncle George is such a freak haha that B roll playing instead of a vid of him and Ben trying not to laugh the entire time haha made it even weirder. And the cut in the feed after the interview, after that whack interview I want to know what was said that Ben cut ?????

  5. You guys said that it's annoying that any time there's a scene where the character is lying on a bed, there are no sheets or cover or anything because fabric is difficult. I agree with both it's annoying and fabric must be difficult. But I just found an early example of a bad scene made right in Skies of Arcadia Legends (on GameCube, but it was probably the same on the Dreamcast):

    (by the way, where did Game Informer's Replay on Skies of Arcadia go? There are some Replay episodes that disappear from time to time)

  6. Is this GI's M.O. now, and just spoil games. They did this with Forsaken and now Spidey!? C'mon GI! Might as well tell me the end of the game! Sheesh!!!

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