Fallout 76's Perks, Mutations, and Customization Explained

Todd Howard details Fallout 76’s character customization and explains how character progression and abilities work in the PS4, Xbox One, and PC RPG.

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  1. I have a group and we've already come up with our roles and I'm actually going to try to be peaceful and be a walking merchant for other players

    My role is scavenger smithy and builder I'm so excited for this game

  2. So I’m hearing is save scumming and that we have have 49 points to distribute between 7 areas with a max of 14 per area in this game instead of the usual 9. Makes me hope there’s a way to redistribute those points.

  3. its not going to be a fallout game with you getting your quests off terminals, no single player option, specials being a trading card game, Uncontrollable pvp (you can get attacked whenever, no accepting/declining battles) this means that we will get camped to fuck by higher level characters. I've wanted a multiplayer game mode on a fallout game but just a game-mode, and DLC will be done badly if it even exists in the first place, vats cant be like classic vats because you cant stop time in a mmo as the timescale has to be edited which will cause the entire map to be in an altered timescale. unless it just effects the 2 characters in the fight but that doesn't seem like it will work because any player watching the fight will see two players stopped for the time it takes to use vats. WE JUST WANT A FALLOUT GAME, a turn based fallout game, a first person fallout game, it doesn't matter as long as it fits the basics of a fallout game.

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