Divinity Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition Co-op Playthough With Devs

Developer Larian Studios stops by to play some Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition with us, the new version of the game coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We discuss the new changes and improvements made to the game and show off splitscreen co-op.

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  1. allready bought it for the ps4, bought it for PC when it came out.. but its way more enjoyable sitting in the couch splitscreening with a good friend :))) gg larian

  2. Does anyone know if you can save mid battle like in the first DOS? I'm actually kind of hoping they remove that… since it almost broke the game for me. You save before every charm cast, if it fails, reload and try again. Hoping I can't exploit that this time.

  3. One of my favorite game series! Cannot express how appreciated the couch co-op is! Not enough game developers believe that is fun or worth it, at least that's how it seems. I hope they don't ever give this up!

  4. Finally got this game….Its insnae how many ways you can do things, and how these little minor choices that you dont think are important, end up screwing your party over big time

  5. How the heck did you just jump in with another controller?? For the life of me I can NOT get 2 controllers to play at the same time. (Xbox One X)

  6. I want to get the PS4 version just because I want a CD copy and I think split screen on console would be better (I already own the PC version).

  7. does this game have proper co-op? i wanna play the story with a friend and we are worried if we will properly gear our characters in coop? will the invited person lose his loot? how does it work ?(we play online not local)

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