Which Is The Best Batman Arkham Game? | Versus

Everyone in the office is replaying the Batman Arkham games, so we decided to pit the Caped Crusader’s craziest capers against each other to finally determine which one is the best.

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  1. I liked city but I didn’t like how much slower the gliding was until knight came out,seriously city is better though

  2. What i do like more about knight is that you get to learn more about every mysterious thing that happened in city, if not every, most of them.

  3. Arkham city is the best
    Arkham knight was too much
    I have played this game since it came out
    And I have beat in this game like 20 times

  4. My ranking of the games (btw take my ranking with a grain of salt since I haven’t played Arkham City Lockdown, Arkham VR, or Arkham Origins Blackgate, but I still wanted to ranked them)
    1: Arkham City
    2: Arkham Asylum
    3: Arkham Knight
    4: Arkham Origins
    5: Arkham VR
    6: Arkham Origins Blackgate
    7: Arkham City Lockdown

  5. I’m on the Arkham Knight side but damn I would’ve really liked to have heard more of her side, talking about City. This was basically just his entire video, she didn’t get much of a word in

  6. Ok Arkham city is technically better than knight but the best parts of knight is the best parts of any game I've ever played both are 1010 but knight is my forever favorite

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