Returning To No Man's Sky

It’s been two years since No Man’s Sky released, and a lot has changed. Rob, Mike, and Peter sit down to discuss the exploration game as they wait for the Next update.

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  1. Interesting video. I've heard that there are things being done to speed up access to the new fun things that have been added, so perhaps needing to make a huge time investment to get to the meat of the experience will be mitigated. =)

  2. the dude in the white checkered shirt is exactly what was wrong with NMS launch. People were expecting it to be a game it was never advertised as. Pre launch there was talk of some sort of multiplayer, not PVP MMO. The kind of game he was describing was never ever advertised, his ignorance is astounding for a "games journalist"

  3. The fact the game is slowly redeeming itself to live up to the promises made a few years ago makes me want to try it now. Not only that, but also because the developers did not abandon ship with the backlash they received from the uncompleted game. I respect them.

  4. Mike, you are already expecting something they never said was going to happen, at least not with this update. You won't be able to be a pirate and assault other players, at least not yet. I am pretty sure you can play coop with 3 other friends, but that's it (as far as I understand it). It's not an MMO like Sea Of Thieves. If you go in this update believing it will be, you will be disappointed again.
    I think people who enjoyed the game to begin with, will enjoy it now even more, experiencing it with all the updates and together with friends. People who don't enjoy the core gameplay probably won't change their mind with this update.

  5. hehe yes Im gonna be that guy and point out a 3 second clip from the whole video. I feel it's my duty to defend Star Citizen lmao. "What star citizen was aspiring to be back in the day, I don't know what's going on with that now". Star Citizen, much like NMS has made SIGNIFICANT progress over the last year or so. Star Citizen is still on track to deliver one of the most immersive space sim experiences you'll find in video games.

  6. "Make this game what I wanted it to be" <- That line right there is the biggest problem with the gaming community today. It is not "your" game. It is "their" game being sold to you. If its not what "you" wanted it to be, than its not the game for you. Its that simple. Never bash a game, in any sense, just because its not what you wanted it to be. Its about what the developers wanted to make and did make. That line, that mentality was one of the biggest reasons for how NMS launch ended up going down. The mentality of "this isn't what I wanted, it's your fault" over "This just isn't the kinda game for me". All the complaining around its launch, anything that was or wasn't missing, didn't change the fact that the game, at it's core, was EXACTLY what was advertised. An exploration, survival, space game. It was never billed as a "Star Wars-esque" game. It was never billed as an "action adventure" game. A PVP game. None of that. And that was not the vision that was ever intended for it. It is, and always has been, a slow, calm, relaxing, beautiful game. That was ALWAYS the "game they promised".

  7. It's not that hard to make a lot of Units. If you work up to it, you can farm over 100 million units per hour after a short amount of gameplay if you know what you're doing.

  8. It seems as though you wanted everything explained for you. Games aren't supposed to be a walk in the park. How about you figure some things out for yourself?

  9. You can’t really complain about the survival aspects and grind when there is a creative mode in the game that gets rid of all of that stuff.

  10. $160 million units for a freighter? That come with a nanny to change your diapers? $160 million is chump change if you actually take a minute to learn how to play. Got me a $500 million big boy Darth Freighter in one dedicated weekend.

  11. Don't comment much but I had to say I really enjoyed this, I love your guys informal discussion and actually that music really helped this feel like a real nice piece of reflective game journalism. Always like to hear what you all have to say.

  12. Why are these people still living in the past a STILL beating up the game over the initial laugh ?? NMS has moved on and has so much more to offer. And as mentioned in the last comment the guy says your doing the same thing over again….and then goes and plays COD……REALLY????

  13. I've loved NMS since launch. I've put thousands of hours into it. It isn't about fast paced combat, or the constant feeling that you're going to loose everything of you die for me. I find it very therapeutic for me, it helps me relax with my large "pile" of mental health issues. I think of this game as a beautiful and ever lasting form of therapy. The majority will not forget, but if NEXT delivers, let's hope the community forgive.

  14. As someone who grew out of gaming and no games can hold my interest, this did. For a couple weeks at launch I played the crap out of it. I like that you were dropped into a universe without a story. Hate stories in games and feeling like I'm on rails or supposed to do something in particular. Quit because my progress was wiped by bugs or something twice. Wasn't willing to start over a third time after all those hours. I'm sure it's more stable now.

  15. Im giving hello games a second Chance.. Its not the game I wanted still.. But its transforming into something entirely different. I tried next today.. Yea let's give it a shot

  16. If they give me some millions to buy a freighter I could buy again the game on a very low sale. Sold my day one copy in 4 days. My question is …are you still 95 per cent of time recharging and repairing?

  17. This is a great game and it has been from the beginning, it gives players an escape from reality and now you can play with your friends in that escape. Masterpiece.

  18. Geez, games media is just dead. Just listen to these guys mull seriously over whether they like a piece of digital content or not. I remember gamespot hyping the shit out of this game back in the day, now listen to their particular brand of San Fransisco melancholy. IGN, GameSpot, seriously no one cares about their opinions anymore, and they are no more valuable than the next guys opinion. I bought NMS:Next and it seems fine from someone who never played it before.

  19. So what they want is rust in space?…how many survival multiplayer gank squad games do we need? Feels like there are so many games like that already and people want more, to the point where people were down voting games like subnautica because it wasn't rust in the ocean…I just don't get it, how are people not finding this type of MP survival crafting gankfest game loop stale already?

  20. day 1 version of the game was fun..survival exploration aspect of the game was kool but to me it got TOO REPETITIVE with very few variety of options on how to play the game…im glad to see the game updates gave it basebuilding freits multiplayer more unique planets and animals and even mini missions now i may have to try this game again but hopefully it doesnt get old quick and itll b a game to want to play time and time again

  21. I disagree, I played the game when it first came out and while being fun for a while it got old REALLY fast. The new content adds so much more depth to the game that while at it's core being the same game it's an entirely different experience. It's sorta like the concept of the movie She's All That; while unattractive at first with some polish it can really make a shine all it's own.

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