No Man’s Sky NEXT Multiplayer Gameplay Live

No Man’s Sky NEXT finally here, we take a look at the game’s biggest update yet with features like multiplayer, customizable exosuits, advanced base building and more.

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  1. My questions are: are there separate PVE and PVP servers, how many per server or is it a mega server, can other players see your base?

    This is the best I have come across:
    You can see up to 16 Players. It's confirmed. 4 Players is just your Party but you still can encounter up to 16 other players in total. So no its not a Mega server, no Its not the FULL multiplayer experience if thats what you are looking for, yes others can see your base but chances are they wont see you even if your standing right in front of them….

    However, Sean is going to improve Multiplayer so now is the time to share your thoughts.

  2. This update really just feels like nms with multiplayer tacked on. If you were already sick of the game, you will be when you come back. It's still cool with mp, just not worth the time for a whole new save (new save is personally recommended when going to play with friends).

  3. The wildlife is not a part of the shared world. That's kind of a revelation as far as how multiplayer works and you barely noticed because of a blob creature.

  4. Yeah, in future updates I'd like to see a quick button toggle for switching between third and first person views, and also a quick toggle for fully turning the HUD on and off. 🙂

  5. This stream was very unorganized. No clue why they have the guy on the right streaming, but the guy on the left do all the talking. There were moments in the stream where the guy on the left would say "I'll show you the emotes", then the guy on the right would be the one that has to show the emotes, because he was the one streaming. Why not just have the guy on the left stream sinces he obviously the one doing the majority of the talking about the game.

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