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NHL 19 Full Game (Beta Gameplay) – Jets vs. Maple Leafs

How big of a difference do the new skating and collision systems make in NHL 19? Judge for yourself with this pure gameplay showing off versus play. Learn more about NHL 19 in Game Informer’s interview with EA’s developers –

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  1. I think this is He most disappointing video I have ever seen. Once again, it’s the same exact game the animations when it starts, the gameplay (other than the new skating engine), and all the cut scenes in between faceoffs is exatcly the same. Anyone say thing that the game is good and I need to stop complaining is an idiot if you can’t see that this game is the same old shit.

  2. Where are all the rebounces infront of the goal? Where are all players trying to make it difficult for the goalie to see the puck? NHL 19 is nothing like real hockey.

  3. I skipped NHL 18 and will likely buy 19. Did they ever bring back the option to request a trade? Thought that was a neat 14 option.

  4. They got rid of performance reports? Damn! That was an easy and fun way to test out controls for newcomers! Now how are you supposed to figure out how to do faceoff dekes or spread eagle formation? Trial and error?

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