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New Gameplay Today – Destiny 2: Forsaken's Campaign

In this exclusive gameplay, Cork, Leo and Suriel discuss the campaign of Forsaken as well as how the new Warlock Stormcaller subclass path affects the way you play.

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  1. Fuck u u want me to pay for a whole new game because your stupid mistakes. What bout my money ive wasted to buy ur old full version shit

  2. Stopped watching after one of them mentioned they didn't like blue hedgehogs. Maybe I heard wrong but I don't want to go back and hear it again if I heard right.

  3. Destiny 2 is free on PS plus right now and I still think it's a terrible game. I only got it because it is free and I'll probably only play it once I run out of other better games to play.

  4. Guys, call me a weirdo if you wanna but I’m pretty confident I’ve figured our who’s carrying cayde in the forsaken art

    It’s ace.

    The boots and the gun are hard evidence, before you say it’s uldren or the exo stranger, the boots and the guns don’t match at all, and we never see the character’s boots or gun anywhere in either game.

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