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New Gameplay Today – Defiance 2050

Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner, Jeff Cork, and Ben Hanson play the new, free-to-play version of Defiance from Trion Worlds on an Xbox One X.

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  1. This is practically the original game. Oh well, it’s free to play and I like the original one. I wasn’t hardcore to it because I’m not to fond of multiplayer online games like destiny and such anymore. Those games don’t survive that long anymore.

  2. Based on the much better F2p games we have now why come back to this? I mean its the same game with a few tweaks that even if you played the first version of the game youll barely notice a difference. Waste of time and money.

  3. I loved the show, and I remember playing this years ago but I just could never get into it. I’ll probably pick this up at some point, but I really wish the show was still going.

  4. Played story missions until they ran out of voice actors… The show was pretty ok but I only watched a few episodes.

  5. Played it on my ps4 pro last night and it's somehow worst than the first version with all the same bugs still in the game but with more clunky/floaty control, barely playable due to low frames and more MICROTRANSACTIONS this time(even on ps3 it was still somewhat playable) lul

  6. This was on the xbox 360 and i remember it being glitched where it would say the update was going to take like 2 years to complete. Never played it because of that.

  7. You should probably learn what any of the stuff your talking about is before making a video. You are saying your dps number is currency and your valor which you earned in the other game is a store currency to buy. You sound very confused on a lot of what is happening in this game.
    Also this guy is saying going free to play is interesting like it's something new but it has been free since 2014. Awful commentary but the new weapon system and classes are a lot of fun. This game is much more fun than warframe and Destiny and less grindy than warframe with the constant equipment drops. I would say it's closer to a mmo Borderlands than to those games.

  8. I loved this game but they learned nothing from the mistakes 360 had. I will continue to play it. Miss the show as well. Hey you had free stuff to redeem if you previously bought stuff from the old one. Also valor I believe is pvp currency. I had 1500 and outfits I got on the 360

  9. Im like you, watching this, makes me miss the tv series. But seeing this, i would like to see some obvious differences in beyond class and skill choices.

  10. I mean its not great, the gameplay is quite clunky and yes repetitive, kill kill but you know what, I like it. Its fun to drive around the world like crazy with the vehicle. XD.

  11. I just downloaded this game because it was free.. it wanted me to update it THROUGH THE GAME and there appears to be ruffly 7 hours of updates to download. Gotta leave the xbox 360 on and the game open. Anything else shuts down the download or starts it over.

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