Is The Switch's New RPG Octopath Traveler Living Up To Expectations?

Mike and Peter have been playing Octopath Traveler on Nintendo Switch for the last week. Here’s what they think Square Enix’s exclusive RPG so far.

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  1. I like the graphics style but i wish the character models were a little more detailed. You can keep a old school look but with some modern enhancements that are easier on the eyes. I will be picking this game up.

  2. I think the game has promise. It has an entertaining combat, and it does fill that nostalgia itch you may want to scratch. However, the most important thing to take into consideration is the price. At full price, meaning it costs the same as a masterpiece such as botw, this game just ain't worth it. It ain't got the graphics, the animations, nor the story to warrant such a price.

  3. I’m still quite excited for this game, and am still probably going to get it, but this video brings up really valid issues the game seems to have.

  4. I'm still holding out on the story! I know there's going to be something that actually brings the characters together.

    My mind has been running rampant wondering what it could be though.

  5. Personally I think this game seems extremely bland. I need RPGs to have really strong stories and characters, so if that's the biggest misstep of the game then I was right to not have it on my radar.

  6. I think talking about the characters lack of interactions with each other is a legitimate criticism. Don't know what these YouTube comments are about. If these characters are not traveling together for any unified purpose and not really playing off each other then what's the point of the party?

    Still hype for this game, just don't understand how people think poor RP doesn't reflect badly on an RPG.

  7. It's not good enough these days to have good mechanics and game play. Fortnite has that. This is proper game for storytelling and without a story…. It's a fail.

  8. I'm glad for the demo as now I know I'm definitely not getting it. Without the demo I probably would have bought it. No story to keep me hooked, no thanks.

  9. I'm happy to hear what the combat is, I'm really looking forward to that. I do hope that at some point their stories intertwine, but their stories (at least the beginning of them) feel like they can stand on their own so I feel like that might be okay

  10. With Octopath being the best Retro RPG Square Enix can offer in 2018 just shows how great Square Soft were with Final Fantasy 6 on the Snes. FF6 shits all over Octopath. Developers in 2018 have the technology but lack creativity.

  11. I want to play this game just because of the art style. It looks beautiful and I almost don’t even care about the writing or gameplay.

  12. Theyre judging it on their expectations, never do that, its not an honest way to review a game, 8 seperate stories do not have to tie together,its unique and i like that uniqueness, great game so far for me, started it yesterday and its great, especially how little grinding that is necessary (had three travelers at ophilias ch 1 boss, hard without luminescence)

  13. I think I'm OK with no overarching story. Just a bunch of helpful strangers helping each other out. An excuse to tell many individual tales. But I heard these individual stories aren't that great except for a few.

  14. You guys are doing the 1Up show format!?!?!?!?!? Please keep doing them!!!! I love this format!!!! Why not have like three or four of this videos on a 1 hour video??? You've got my attention back Gamespot! I'm subscribing again!!!

  15. Ugggh. I fucking hated the bulky Bravely Default Battle system… although the worst part of the game was the repeating story.

  16. The best part of the old games y’all claim to love so much was using your imagination but whenever the time comes up where you actually can, y’all denounce it? 🤔

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