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Exploring Destiny 2: Forsaken's Tangled Shore

Much of Forsaken’s campaign will take place in a brand new environment, the Tangled Shore, and Suriel and Leo offer their impressions of the zone alongside gameplay and scenic flythroughs.

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  1. So from this video it seems like just a reef, fallen, and prison of elders reskin/cut content. Nothing seems to stand out imo. Supers are new and impressive though. Bungie seems to never add something new unless it comes with dlc. I mean that’s kind of a given with games like this but to keep out other players based on dlc definitely
    gives a cash grab vibe.

  2. The Loot is better in the Forsaken Lost Sector… lmao. You must be joking. I guess these guys weren't paying attention to Warframe's new DLC that is coming. I play all three games, D2, Warframe and the Division. No matter what all three are loot shooters. Watching this was so dull. All Fallen act the same exact way. No matter if they are brand new to the game. The Barons are the only things really different cause they are bosses. I'm going to wait until my friends buy it..this shit what Bungie throws at us is freaking sad. Lost Sectors show be giving legendary gear. So on the fence with this DLC.

  3. I see public events still offer utterly meaningless 'rewards', why not have them contribute towards progression on something? No materials for upgrades or what?

  4. Another dead lifeless region with nothing to explore. No fucking jokes and bickering!? Yeah!
    Lost Sectors? They are lost for a reason. lame

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