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Exclusive Impressions Of Destiny 2: Forsaken

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson, Leo Vader, and Suriel Vazquez share exclusive, new details on Bungie’s upcoming expansion Destiny 2: Forsaken based on our cover story trip. Subscribe to Game Informer’s podcast…

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  1. The lore behind the Scorn is a Baron that holds a blue Crystal says the World wind that cuase the near extinction of the Fallen should have completely kill off the Fallen or let them die and rise up better and stronger and that's what the Scorn is, BTW while all you people were hating on Destiny 2 after the game was rebooted Bungie been working on Forsaken for a whole year while small teams were working on Osiris and Warmind but sad both DLCs were rushed.

  2. So the skorn r undead…. they aren’t a different race….. a zombie is still a human it’s just a undead human….. a skorn is just a fallen it’s just a undead fallen 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. Wait wait wait…. ascendant realm…..? Those are usually only tied in when talking about the hive gods……. dreaming city connected to an ascendant realm? Called it Mara sov has a hive worm and never died just retreated to her ascendant realm 🤯

  4. I love game informer because they are genuine, they legit trash on bungie for D2 and want to be won back by them for Forsaken

  5. Ermm why when I watch this I get a feeling it's hollow and not a lot of enemy's again i don't see a lot of adds in the public areas 😁🤔

  6. d2 is a terrible game. now they did do some things better like not having to go to orbit for everything bit the sparrows suck the exotics suck the story is horrible and there is absolutley no reason to grind anynore really. they tried but i dont want to grind for armor and and armor orniments. pointless because it doesnt help progress you it just makes your charecter look like everyone else who did the same thing. and the ttk and team shots are also stupid. and the iron banner is a shell of what it used to be. and whatever happened to us becoming an iron lord where did that storyline go. destiny 2 is a pile of garbage and it saddens me because i made so many friends playing that game that i have to text juat to keep contact with because i refuse to pkaythis piece of shit

  7. This is what they should’ve done with the main game, people are tired of having to pay $150 or so dollars to get the game that they should’ve had from the start. In my opinion, this dlc should be free for the people that have suffered through Bungie’s crap. Buying this dlc is definitely not on my agenda right now, there are plenty of other games that I would enjoy playing.

  8. I think a ton of people miss the point, in a manner of thinking, every fucking game is grindy lol. Destiny 2 is a REPETITIVE game more so than a grindy game, but its just because we play the same missions a lot, for strikes and other stuff. Same thing goes for fucking World of Warcraft, same dungeons it feels like all the time, i stopped playing because i got bored of repetition (endgame is super cool though check out a 110 boost). My point is, its not hard to calculate EXACTLY what we want, and dont use the “Activision told us to do this instead” because they just worry about the games overall net worth, so add the little microtransaction shop they love, but do other things, like make different directions for strikes so you cant play the same strike 3 times in a row (similar to savathuns song) and the boss is random to that strike from a list of like 6 bosses, each having their own loot table.
    FUCK removing the grind, sprinkle some more grind while your at it, just make the game feel WAY LESS REPETITIVE. Thanks 🙏🏻

  9. I really want to try the new expansion but don't wanna reach the end game and have nothing to do again. Just a waste of time,,, no progression

  10. Pretty sure the scorn are Fallen, just a different more beastial tribe kind, why do they always send people who are insanely misinformed and not very aware to see the games before others….

  11. Why you talk about new race ?SKORN ARE FALLEN WITHOUT MASK-We can see their pointy teeth.I abondonded the franschise end of 2017.I was fool to buy the pass.Play warframe.Of course u r pushing d2 ,its your job.At last GAMBIT will follow rift and the other mode from Iron dlc.Nobody will play.The behavior of bungie in vanilla d1 & d2 with bringing everything in years2 is:When d3 comes wait 1 year for ttk style dlc-Bungie lost half the gamers core so in order to continue they need thst annual pass,something like a subscription Stop giving your money to fairytailers.Peace

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