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Exclusive Details On Destiny 2: Forsaken’s New Faction The Scorn

In this exclusive video interview, two of the leads on Destiny 2: Forsaken walk us through the new enemies you’ll be fighting when the expansion releases this fall.
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  1. Another great display at the talent at bungie lets see if the story direction will hold up and the greed of the higher ups getbthey're hands on it or not

  2. Bungie did this already siva in rise of iron and the new sword is not hype because it’s literally bolt caster it’s a re skin for example cold heart has a void and solar now just re skin

  3. So the raid won't even be Scorn related? They're talking about the possibility of it in the future, why didn't they do that now?

  4. I swear to god the new kinetic hand cannons better not have the weird new recoil animation I swear to fuck if that happens bungie don’t you goddamn dare

  5. If they’re mutating enemies how about a large raging bull type enemy that will hit us fast like a wrecking ball with a weak point only on it’s back.. On a different note that new hunter throwing knife is just a knife thrown sideways…..

  6. Cool new faction. But, it is a bit frustrating that Bungie aren't creating brand new factions or expanding the repertoire of Vex and Cabal enemies.

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