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Destiny 2: Forsaken Exclusive Coverage Trailer

This month at Game Informer we’re rolling out exclusive gameplay and interviews about everything Destiny 2’s next expansion has to offer. We’ve got gameplay of the new modes, supers and more, all starting tomorrow at…

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  1. "after it drops, we'll never complain about Destiny again… We'll find something." Lol, I found this more entertaining than I should have for some reason xD
    Glad to see Destiny 2 getting some attention that isn't negative tbh. Gg game informer!

  2. What he meant to say… "After you buy this expansion, you'll never complain about Destiny 2 again." You have to pay more money to fix the game that they fucked up… Even after 2 disappointing DLC's… I'm sure some of you are smart enough not to fall for this stupid shit. Right?? We shall see..

  3. You gave Destiny 2 a 9/10 review? So you think its just as good as Uncharted 4 or God of War? What kind of drugs are you guys doing?

  4. I genuinely think this is escalation protocol v.2.0. because the current EP all have the v.1.0 so that might be hinting towards having v.2.0 weapons like auto rifles, pulses, scouts and fusions, etc.

  5. Bungie back then:finish the fight
    Bungie now:making content is too hard
    Halo 1- Halo Reach=Passion
    Destiny 1 – to this recycled garbage=GREED

  6. When Bungie has time to work on something like if they could of Delay both D1 and D2 they both would be 8 or 9 out of 10 games Forsaken is a DLC that Bungie has been working on for a whole year ever since D2 was released this DLC is likely going to be a 7 or a 8 out of 10

  7. Here's a thought. Has anyone considered the fact that it has taken an entire fucking year to get the game we thought we were buying last year?

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