Cyberpunk's Universe Explained

Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondsmith breaks down the world of Cyberpunk 2020 and 2077.

Watch the official 48 minutes gameplay reveal here!

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  1. the way mike pondsmith describes the [porbably] pre-alpha footage he was shown is basically the same as how it was described by reviewers " visually terrific with [proper hardware] but buggy and glitchy". makes me wonder what the focus was for 2 years.

  2. Love the game! People are going to bandwagon, hate train and all that. I'm having a blast, I don't regret the preorder one bit. The steelbook looks sweet. Can't wait for DLC.

  3. When Mike said he seen in game footage I laughed so hard because I actually own the game and let me tell you it didn’t look to sharp I found myself waiting for the next cinematic cutscene or A Jonny cutscene when they weren’t being glitchy instead of enjoying the full game. I could literally see the potential in this game cdpr came so close, I feel like the lore and world around cyberpunk is better then the actual game.

  4. In all honesty, the Cyberpunk 2020 story made absolutely no sense. The history, they lore behind the corporate wars, the adoption of the Euro Dollar as a currency — so many damn things just came out of left field and could never happen, they're totally ridiculous. To see them all adapted and implemented in the game just makes them all seem even more bizarre and surreal. None of it works for me and I don't care that the game got Mike Pondsmith's seal of approval. I didn't think much of his base game either.

  5. On a technical level, Cyberpunk is a wild west of bugs and other issues. Design and story wise, I believe they captured Pondsmith's vision.

  6. I know this comment wont ever see a single like or enny but, cyberpunk 2077 was like a big ass order at a fancy restaurant that got really messed up but the waitresses and cooks apologized for it and made it again, for us, the customers. And to that I raise my controller to CD Projekt RED… The whole time I never knew I wanted a game like this so badly, and yet after seeing the trailers and the promo stuff like the rockstar energy sponsored drinks, it made me hyped. All in all, great experience but is still being worked on. CD Projekt RED if you guys see this, please keep being honest and hard working, show these other companies how to be a great software company without the BS

  7. always loved this game but knowing the creator is black and all the similar influences its just really cool to see someone so easily identifiable with, create something so unique and different (speaking on the overall creativity behind the cyberpunk universe not the gameplay per say)

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