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113 "Rapid-Fire" Questions About Destiny 2: Forsaken

Forsaken leads Steve Cotton and Scott Taylor sit down to prove their good-sportedness in this series of quick questions about the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, and end up unearthing some sensitive truths about Scott’s past.
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  1. Who ever organised this interview went lets get an Activision employee and bungie employee and ask them questions which we know they'll be devided on. Im not a sick bastard I just wanna watch them fight in the break room when the interviews finished 🙂

  2. Whahahaa when he said the guy is running an experiment on his kids. I laughed out loud for at least 10 minutes. Scott is big brain, big pp

  3. Revisiting in 2021.
    -Tower fast travel? Check
    -Transmog? Check
    -Crossplay? In beta

    Still waiting on that toilet sparrow. Also has Scott gotten his day at Shake Shack?

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