Wreckfest Review

Destruction Derby meets FlatOut in this excellent new racing game.

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  1. YouTube recommending a Wreckfest review in time for the PS4 release of the game? Yes please!

    … “voiced by Kallie Plagge” the plague who didn’t even play Days Gone… INSTANT DISLIKE and ‘Not Interested’!

  2. Exactly what Flatout 4 should've been, although a fine game in it's own right, but Bugbear shouldn't had left the franchise like that.

    But at least we get this impressive "spiritual successor" and by all accounts, it SUCCEEDS.

  3. The music is awesome! One of the main reason i enjoy bugbear games. the simple ui is also a thing that i love. it gives us the old flatout 2 feel. do you guys want just another generic racing game with generic music like nfs or what?

  4. Unlocked the platinum for this game on PS4 today – it’s a fantastic racing game with loads of variety. One of the few racing games I’ve played where I still have a good time even if I don’t win the race – the destruction is great and the aggression of the AI is refreshing and makes you concentrate more than a generic racing game.

  5. Obnoxious rock soundtrack…In a game about racing muscle cars and destruction. Wtf is wrong with millennials? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Would rather hear mumble rap I guess.

  6. Not even a fan of driving games, but you should download this as it's free on ps plus and at least give it a go even just for the dualsense controller. Absolutely brilliant

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