Todd Howard on Fallout 76’s Nukes, What Starfield Will Be, and Making Elder Scrolls VI | E3 2018

With Fallout 76 coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC in a few months, Todd Howard shared some details about Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6.

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  1. I wonder if elod is making that mead with juniper berries still.

    New meme funny because he's on his way to the block and he's questioning if she's still making it that good or that way


    I wonder if Todd Howard is making new games with old game engines still

    Above example is funny because we all know he will

    Look I'm not going to break out the dictionary and some text books, just go with it.

    Maybe you can find a better way to make this meme funny

  2. What a fantastic interview. Very enjoyable, all great questions and nice answers from Todd. The interviewer did a good job here and the ending was a nice way to leave everything on good note

  3. I feel a lot better about this game hearing todd talk about it some of the things I was worried about was like ark you die lose everything settlements being destroyed forever I'm actually excited about this game now

  4. Here's my biggest questions: HOW are the servers going to work? Maybe similar to the mass, live-action servers of Ark? Can you just go to servers as you please? Can you kick? And if the game truly has a singleplayer option, but there are no NPCs, how do you even play?

  5. Maybe they can figure out how the NPC’s will react to your actions within the world. Draenic armour, saviour of the world = milk drinker.

  6. Hahah you can tell he doesn't like this interview at all. He is being asked real questions by an interviewer who isn't remotely star struck and nor is he contantly kissing his ass before each question. Notice how when he was asked specifically about Blades and the game's monetization, Howard took a very deep dreath in at that question.

  7. Idk why people want 76 as mainline fallout and freaking out over the multiplayer aspect. We won't get fallout 5 for a long time, not until elder scrolls 6 is out. Til then I'll look forward to starfield

  8. Bethesda -Todd Howard is our Lord and savior for continuously bringing us such amazing games.

    Valve – Gabe Newell is the anti Christ for denying us Half Life 3.

  9. Gotta say. Bad question when you say something like 'Are you going to do more of the same?…cmon. What does that even mean. Bethesda games are more about a philosophy than just adhering to some shallow singular feature. You can touch the majority of objects. You can even move static things with the right mod. You can farm, build. It is what you want it to be. So implying he does more of the same is kind of a…crap question. sry.

  10. It's finally out now and as of when I type this comment, it has a Metacritic and Google user score that is now in the low 50's (not the 1950's) and lower. Need I say more? I can't believe I'm the first person to leave a comment on this video 6 months after it's release just to see everyone being positive to Todd for once unlike now.

  11. Great interviewer, Great Todd howard wannabe.

    Anyways who is this Todd Howard wannabe eh? nice try, I know who the true God Howard is when I see him. Besides I've met Todd's big brother, Rod Howard, and I can tell you he is much bigger than his' younger brother.

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