The Division 2 Full Reveal & Gameplay Presentation | Microsoft E3 2018

Watch the full reveal of The Division 2 with gameplay at the Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 press conference.

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  1. To be honest.

    Ubisoft is the only company who learned from their mistakes.

    Now they make good games

    And mostly get 9/10 or 8/10 nowadays

  2. The most amazing thing about the game is it appears to feature multiplayer chat without some dude yelling at me for not healing him. Astounding how far technology has come.

  3. so this vs what i just saw for the second trailer of the game, Graphics downgraded….hype train slowing down…man…

  4. If you are going to make it in 3rd person once again. At least have the fucking decency to equip us with optional first person aiming like you did in wildlands. Smdh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  5. I’m a big Division fan and am getting this game day one, but it would have been cool for the gameplay demo if they would have actually gotten some good tactical players with different builds working as a team giving real commentary.

  6. Poor combat FPS players; guy jumps up without looking over, whole team runs out ready to get combed by gunfire. This game comes off like some kind of 80s camp as a result. No reaction to game at all, just pedestrian chat with "let the girl hook the customer" style scripting. Their skills are sub-par at best and their co-ordination even worse. No true FPS gamer would zerg in like that. More a show of loadout and tactical HUD rather than actual gameplay. Tracers on grenades!?! Have games seriously become so bad that everyone has training wheels disguised as technical advantage?

  7. The scripted gameplay I dont mind so much. It is a demo and they're trying to showcase the game's new additions and features. I get that. But the scripted dialogue is annoying and distracts from the presentation imo. Megans cringy
    "This could come in handy"
    and "looks like a rough landing" lines are so fake. They should just allow the players doing the demo to speak normally. It would feel more genuine.

  8. To all the people who complain that nobody talks like this in a video game, let me introduce you to your commanding officer: StoneMountain64

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