Stormland – Official Announcement Trailer

Take a look at the official announcement trailer for Insomniac’s newest game, Stormland. Coming to Oculus Rift.

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  1. It would be stupid to not release this on the Vive — the VR market is small enough already, cutting your userbase in half would be a financial death sentence.

  2. I just got into VR with the Oculus Rift and I'm greeted with this. Holy crap I'm excited. So far I love the headset and this looks like it'll be a blast to play.

  3. I've been dreaming of VR gaming since I was a kid and never knew if we'd get around to making it. Even as relatively limited as it is, so far it's one of the most exciting innovations in a long time. Thank you Oculus for being the forefront of these developments.

  4. Had me until Oculus .. Could we get this title on a platform that doesn't care about the brand of monitor you buy? thanks.

  5. Wow very interesting and unique game! Beautyful. Oh of course – TOO beautyful because it doesn`t look like some Nintendo Wii or N64 crap, so it will stay Oculus Rift only forever 🙁

  6. Looks like it would be fun even without the Rift. Kinda hope a version comes out that doesn't need VR. Seems to be limiting the potential customer base until VRs become a bit cheaper for folks.

  7. Now games are doing a teaser before the trailer like movies. yay… I don't need to see what I'm about to see before I see it. Who does that actually benefit? do people really have such tiny attention spans that you can't let them figure out what they are watching in 1-3 minutes?

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