Skull & Bones Full Gameplay Demo Reveal | Ubisoft E3 2018

Check out the full Skull & Bones gameplay reveal presentation from the Ubisoft E3 2018 press conference!

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  1. looks like it could be promising butvneeds island exploration to hunt of treasures and actual hand to hand combat when boarding! so you could have more chances of over coming defeat or lose a sure win!! too repetitive as it is now

  2. I actually really liked Black Flag. The ship mechanics were great and the game didn't have as many long, unskippable cutscenes as previous entries l.

  3. Wow, so cool. The hipster speaker sure is cool and appealing. After all, he said "fuck" so openly. Really cool. And that's exactly what Ubisoft can do to itself.

  4. I didn’t know that there was black people and women tearing shit up on the open seas what a fucking joke can’t they have their own games and we have some type of realism

  5. no ship boarding, land exploration, hand to hand combat, or pirate base building…yea no thanks…leave it to ubisoft to remake black flag and leave out all the best parts

  6. Too bad they could never change there sails, they'd never have gotten caught, ahh I miss the old school pirates.

    Now a days they have no morals or class. And all they know how to do is shoot a damn gun.

    Aside though, I hope it plays similar to Watch dogs and aint some weird multiplayer. People are too competive with that shit, what ever happen to just having fun with the game.

  7. "smell lootboxes?" fuckin hell you can fucking SEE em blatently in the trailer. What happens when they sink the merchant ship? "LEGENDARY CHEST!" blazoned right there across the fuckin screen. They didnt even try and hide it. –– im still getting this game….but BRACE YOURSELVES!!!! For incoming mtx hell –sighs

  8. one thing im feeling not right about this, how does the portueges has all the cargo? the Dutch Fleet not Famous in it's Cargo & Loot for it's Famous Handling Trades it should be the Dutch who should hauling those Cargo.

  9. Releasing 2019 then Releasing 2020 now its maybe gonna release in 2021 🤷‍♂️ are they changing the whole game ore something whats gonna be next

    Sorry guys we have bad news about skull and bones we probably not gonna release it 🖕

  10. Ubisoft I am making a comment for you to see the seafight game of 2006, it is a more browser game with a very interesting gameplay and a cool rpg system and one thing you can put in skulls and bones which is a magic system (voodoo ) Very interresting in the seafight and that the skulls and bones have npc and monsters on the map so that it is not only pvp but also a game co-op and always events to destroy npc and monsters monthly and to leave the skulls and bones more unique and interesting not Wanting to copy the seafight .seafight does not take much of it for being a very pay to win game.

    There are not many pirate games plus look seafight for you to see that it would be very interesting a game of ships with an appearance of assassins creed with elements of rpg and evolution of seafight levels.

    The game of skulls and bones is very good, but in my opinion it will not be very strong, so with the element of pvp you have to put more things co-op that is what the players want to play with friends and be fun.

    This has been translated by google translate. thank you ! give the key

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