Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gameplay Reveal | Square Enix E3 2018

Check out new gameplay for Shadow of the Tomb Raider from Square Enix’s E3 2018 press conference.

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  1. The amount of genius fucks around here…

    SquareEnix lowered the budget after Rise flopped super hard because of the xbox moneyhatting, that's why the graphics are shitty, there won't be any upgrade at release.

  2. I really dont wanna be another person to complain but I do have to point out the stealth walking looks bit odd I dunno how it would look in reality though, lighting is weird, and there's no way she'd get up a tree that quick. I know the game is still in development though.

  3. Don't mind the killing, don't mind the gameplay.
    But tweak those graphics a little better, I believe they can be just a little better.
    And put more blood, when you shoot someone in the face with an arrow, or stab someone blood should be seen, make it more realistic that way, other than that should be fun.

  4. I sure hope there is more boss fights in this than in previous games.
    It seems since Tomb raider legend the number of bosses is reducing (apart from in tomb raider anniversary)

  5. the last of us took the show sorry tomb raider plus I was hope this is nothing like the last two game but I was wrong let just get this over with and reboot again we need it

  6. Lara croft IS well known for the duel pistols and not for the arrows and the stealth killings…….
    3rd game to Lara still became the Lara we know????????? really!!!!

  7. Always online, 4 times the size. Thousands of Lara's doing massive jumps to earn points for sweet loot. Or, if you are a sexist, play as one of the thousands of Jonahs who isn't girly enough to do massive fuck off jumps but his brute strength makes him capable of taking on fucking tigers and shit that are also playable as part of the end game content. Welcome to Tomb Raider 76.

  8. I believe nothing can replace the charm and addiction of earlier tomb raider games until square enix came and spoiled the overall game culture. Happy to see edios again with this game and it looks really promising to play like my favorite TR anniversary and all earlier titles, the feeling while playing "Gallows tree" chapter in TR chronicles or "The lost artifact" in TR 3 were amazing. Those were the golden days of this game.

  9. if I recorded my gameplay in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, then I uploaded my gameplay to my youtube channel. Is that going to cause me any copyrights problems or I am allowed to do that?

  10. Why the fuck would anyone play this. It looks terrible. This is probably the most subpar game releases in comparison to other games of the same time period. This looks like playstation 2 all over again.

  11. Funny everyone saying last of us 2 looks so much better lol that's because it was all for e3 remember halo 2 boys that was game play to lol Last of us 2 will be down graded

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