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New Gameplay Today – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (4K)

A few weeks ago, Leo and Cork went to Quebec to play five hours apiece of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, intending to make as many different choices as possible to see how they played out in the game’s new, more dynamic RPG world. On this special NGT…

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  1. Ubisoft only takes advantage of the fact that another studio is bringing new content to a game and puts in another, in this case, other elements of rpg as choices should have been placed in the Origins, but decided to launch in a new game, unfortunately, has always been the same way with Unity and Syndicate

  2. it looks very promising, but it will all go down to the story anyway. if story is boring its origins all over again, which was (for me) wasted potential.

  3. Not to be that guy who pedantically points out errors, but totally will, it's pronounced SOH-CRATES not SAH-CRA-TEES.

    Definitely will be keeping my eye out for this one!

  4. Just for everybody's information Spartans where the first assassin's .. in there training called the Agogi one of there tests was to assassinate someone unnoticed ….

  5. FUCK YOU UBISOFT for releasing different versions to different countries!
    The way better Medusa Version goes to Europe While the US gets the shitty Spartan edition jumping off a column.. BULL SHIT… THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD WANT THE MEDUSA BASE AND YOU FUCKED THE US …Game developers haven’t the slightest clue how to make the entire collector market happy by allowing consumers to buy whatever version they want no matter what country its being sold in by allowing us to pay to import it.. Fuck your country geographical sites that wont let me buy the Medusa edition due to it being only available in Europe…

    Stop with this shit business tactics. Customers want equal products and to have access import them if they are not sold out. By holding out versions to a specific country will only make your fans travel to your office with Fire and Pitchforks for a hanging!

    Have one fucking website that sells all your products and not specific to any country!!! Deliver to the WORLD…

    Hence, its called the WORLD WIDE WEB FOR A REASON and not to lock your products in different versions in those specific countries makes your consumers crazy and never want to buy your games ever again.

    To still have your Pantheon Edition available in Europe, but its sold out in the US for the same version then why cant I buy one for me from the Euro site and pay to import it, especially when customers are allowed to buy up to 3 per limit? You cater to scalpers!

    Why instead you allow these collector products to be locked to that specific country to your geographical locked website with very limited quantities therefore; catering to all the Scalpers… If it was more available in Retail shops like Gamestop then more fans would have had a chance to order the Pantheon edition. You suck UBISOFT FOR DOING THIS SHITTY TACTIC!


    GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH YOUR SCALPER SALES TACTICS… Release the Medusa edition to the US!

    Customers in the states want to import when its still available on the Ubisoft Euro site that no one is buying, but meanwhile fans in the US want to buy it now and see it available.

    Ubisoft wont ship it to the states… That is the crappiest way to run a business and the only reason they are not out of business is obviously the games they make are fun, but they suck at selling collector editions to the world….

    FUCK YOU UBISOFT! Maybe this crap would fly in the 90’s when the gaming world was less connected to getting their info from the internet, but in this day and age fans notice when other countries get better versions of the same game and on top of that a company like Ubisoft says you cant import it..

    I can order from Amazon UK all the time games to import to the states, but Ubisoft wont allow a customer to buy from there store and import it… People that made these rules and policies please go fucking die already….. You suck at life! Thanks!

  6. Guess I'll be the one to point out the terrible voice acting. It sounds so poorly acted, so artificial.

  7. I wanted to like Origins, but the engine had a lot of issues, and the leveling system was a grind toward the higher levels. You want to continue the main quest? Do side missions until you grind up 3 levels. I ended up watching the ending instead.

  8. Why do so many people have a problem with this game. I think the story looks Good, the open world looks fun to. And yeah I know this looks nothing like a assasins creed game. But give it a try !!
    I'm sure you won't be disappointed 🙂

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