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New Gameplay Today – Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion

Join Kyle Hilliard and Imran Khan for a look at the open-world Adventure Time game, Pirates Of The Enchiridion.

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  1. Wow this game sucs why cant they make it like zelda that would be awsome but yet again the made it wack… Im so disappointed

  2. Game looks great. This guy talking about it is a fucking moron. Get someone who knows the show if your going to review it fucktards

  3. The Emchridion is a book only meant for extremely brave heroes like Finn. Season 1 episode 6 called 'The Enchridion'

  4. So I've been so fed up with IGN's terrible habits for content and reviews lately that I decided to watch this video through Game Informer instead. I'm not one to judge but Jesus tap dancing Christ, its no better. It's one thing to not to be a die hard fans of the show or content but to not even know the names of the characters? It shows that it was hardly played and ill-researched.

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