Jump Force – Official Gameplay Trailer | E3 2018

Take your first look at official gameplay from Jump Force featuring Luffy, Naruto, Frieza, and Goku.

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  1. It’s jstars v+ again. ? just give me a jstars game that plays like dragon ball fighterZ! Do you know how much money you’re missing out on!?

  2. Naruto and goku are the most op anime characters in jump force rasy nsruto and goku would deystory luffy and the others character but it looks like good gsme and the other characters cant wait to play to

  3. I was really excited for this game…. but not a fan of the graphics. I'd rather if the graphic style was more anime like (Xenoverse or Shinobi Striker). This looks like plastic/clay characters moving around on a realistic graphical map. A game like this needs to have over the top effects but the rasengans and kamehamehas just look lackluster.

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