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Impressions From Three Hours Of Battlefield V's Gameplay

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Matt Bertz talks about traveling to London for the Trevor Noah-hosted reveal event for DICE’s Battlefield V and how the gameplay compares to Battlefield 1. Subscribe to Game Informer’s podcast…

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  1. Authenticity is still extremely important. Just because players choose to do inauthentic things within the game isn't a really good argument against shooting for authenticity if you're the developer. It's a little different when the developers decide to go away from historical accuracy before the players even get their hands on it. Little things go a long way when it comes to accuracy. Accurate uniforms, accurate weaponry, accurate representations of the areas where the fighting was taking place, as well as accurate divisions/units based on the battle/map you're playing. So if I'm playing a map based on operation market garden, I'd like to see the correct units of the British and American airborne and armored units, maybe some dutch resistance and Canadian troops, and of course the German Wehrmacht(possibly waffen SS too, although I'm not positive they were involved.) I love that kind of accuracy.

    I'm still excited for the game, but don't downplay people that truly enjoy or want historical accuracy from a game based around WW2. I mean, it's documented history. People enjoy learning about it through different mediums. If you wanted to do a fictional conflict then by all means take whatever liberties you want and add in whatever you want. But if you're portraying WW2, then I think it deserves some amount of justice from those trying to portray it, at least for the people who actually fought and died in that war.

  2. Activision is so desperate for content they soop to coping fortnite and pubg successes. No Battlefeild is doing the Battlefeild way. Pubg shouldn't be Epic witch is there creater of there engine. Becuz they didn't do anything. They should sue activison there the ones that need sued

  3. So for someone who claims to have viewed 3 hours of gameplay, we know no more then we already do from the review trailer

  4. Sounds like squad to me but more finished

    But what I don't understand is some people like to lonewolf not everyone wants to be in a team. I never mind a person being a sniper if that's what you want to do then do it, but do it well.

  5. "I thought Trevor Noah did good…" Were you drunk ? Were you drunk when you made this video ? He was floundering the whole time ! The looks on the developer's faces said it all. Like "Dude, wtf are you talking about?" His jokes were a bigger dumpster fire than the Cubs were for a whole century. I was there. Really ? Were you conscious ? …because clearly you didn't watch the same reveal that we all did.

  6. hey man, im just hoping the aerial combat in this game is awesome. that alone will sell the game to me… i miss the old days when i would play combat flight simulator when i was a little spud lol give me that P-51 mustangggggggg

  7. When the Fuck are they gonna make a realistic ww2 game based in the Pacific? Im sick of seeing Nazis and shit i wanna see a game in the pacific fighting Japanese on Guadalcanal, tarawa, peleliu, iwo jima, Okinawa, etc. the only game that has touched on it is. Call of duty world at war and battlefield 1942 i want to see how it would and could be with the graphics and mechanics games have nowdays.

  8. It has nothing to do with her prosthetic arm its her entire presence and the complete disregard for actual historical accuracy of one of the most important times in history in the name of this social justice warrior bullshit and political correctness. Fuck you. Fuck dice. And fuck EA for this fuckin abortion.

  9. i thought Noah was a dick, never seen him before but he came across fake as hell, (he's no gamer) and the other 2, the woman and man, my god, they may as well of been reading from a book. Poor doesn't explain it.

  10. Thanks for ruining my battlefield "DICE" . prosthetic arm ? Farcry face paint ? F U DICE !!!!! Well I got COD. 😢

  11. they better have Iwo Jima and Normandy at some point. This is the biggest WWII game out now that can make it happen so damn good! CoD blew it….

  12. Lone wolf has been my most succesful playstyle, hope they dont leave lone wolves out in the cold… Maybe xtra ammo in place of 'nades would balance it out for the scout class

  13. I feel like the games as a service will backfire and there will be less content, etc. Then we'll be begging for Premium to come back! Hopefully that isn't the case, if there is "Themed" content players should be able to keep it if they choose to.

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