How The Last Of Us: Part 2's Combat Builds On The Original

Sony showcased some brutal new gameplay for The Last of Us: Part 2 at their E3 2018 conference. Kallie and Oscar got the chance to catch up with Naughty Dog to find out more about how they’re evolving the game’s savage combat.

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  1. This was a heavily scripted “gameplay”. The final game is going to be good, for sure, but not as near as this. Obviously everyone blind loves naughty dog to admit that even when it’s obvious.

  2. One small issue if your in a survival situation why would you pull out a arrow which might be stopping severe blood loss wtf lol

  3. I'm actually a bit disappointed to hear that Listen Mode is still a thing. I played the first game on hard without Listen, and every time I see someone's let's play where they use Listen Mode I am struck by how much it detracts from the game. It's a crutch that should at least be off by default.

  4. I absolutely love that you'd ask about the current most popular genre (battle royale) added to one of the greatest games ever (The Last of Us) with zero regards to how that would conceptually play out. (Hey people like dogs, people love guns, let's put guns on dogs!) Bravo, very well done.

  5. The only new thing I saw was a dodge button, you’re able to prone and indicator showing you where you’re being seen from. I am just hoping you can use the infected to your advance against humans or have a battle with both human and infected because for the first game’s main story they never crossed one another which was odd.

  6. Something that I didn't like about TLOU is how stealth is so overpowered. You can easily beat the whole game without firing more that a couple of rounds and choking everyone…

  7. So for everyone saying that every gameplay demo is scripted, please tell me about Spider-Man ps4… oh wait everything is in it and not scripted at all. Only thing scripted about it is the point of gameplay they chose and the game dev playing it. Other people played it and could do everything that was done etc.

  8. The gameplay reveal for this game just seems so amazing and it makes all the rest of the library pale in comparison. I’m talking about the likes of Spider-Man even. Not enough of these real-world tangible games for the mature audience. I’d like to see Naughty Dog create a The Last of Us with a vast open-world but still a linear campaign.

  9. People actually say that it’s „unrealistic“ because ellie is only a teen..soo u need to be the strongest and baddest motherfucker to kill people? Ridiculous, u can see she can fight she doesn’t like knock everybody out with one punch they kept it realistic and not ridiculous

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