Hitman 2 – E3 2018 Online Multiplayer Co-Op Trailer (Official) | Sniper Assassin Mode

Introducing Hitman 2 online co-op multiplayer, Sniper Assassin Mode.

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  1. Guys the sniping stuff is just a sideshow, looks a like just an incentive to pre-order. They just showed a trailer for the new game and in-game of the sniping stuff. I'm pretty sure it'll be nothing to worry about.

  2. I'm astonished by the number of people who simply refuse to or cannot read "game-mode". This isn't Hitman 2, this is a game-mode within Hitman 2, Gamespot is just trying to get more clicks by hiding that information at the end of the title and you're just stupid.

  3. Okay, so I'll admit that I've never played Hitman, but I've watched a lot of videos about it and can see an inherent problem.
    If the co-op mode is snipers only, you're going to have a real challenge to sell this to Hitman fans.
    However, I think a great idea would be if someone could infiltrate on the ground, whilst someone covers them with a sniper. Or have the option of having both on the ground if they want.
    But again, I admittedly have never played a Hitman game, but I think that a just sniper mode is a bad idea.

  4. Why are some people pissed off about coop?!. that would actually be really awesome to do assassinations with your friends

  5. It'll be fun if you can roam and take out multiple targets with a buddy and a mic but sniping only? No just no

  6. Yea… This is pretty crap. Why limit the multiplayer to sniping only… There's 1000 different ways of beating a level in hitman but lets make a multiplayer with only ONE… IO, you stupid!

  7. Hitman is made so there isn't time limit, targets are never in hurry, you can just wait, be patient, and nothing needs to be killed first, quickly, or ten seconds before another target, no. You are not even supposed to be in the place you are, while would you send two guys instead of one ?

    Co-op in Splinter Cell ? Yes but you had to go from point A to point B. Hitman is NOT that kind of game. In Hitman, you have the whole map, you have your target and you must find a way to kill it then leave from the entrance point or another. Hitman is NOT Splinter Cell. Not even a bit… So stop comparing and saying "lol itmen can haz coop bitchez, watch splinter sells :3".

    Co-op ? I say no.
    More content ? I say yes (but you said no, I already know that)

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