GTFO Gameplay: Work as a Team to Survive the Horror | E3 2018

GTFO is a hardcore cooperative shooter for PC that stresses teamwork, communication, and quick reflexes.

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  1. to be honest it kinda looks like a case of great concept, mediocre execution. This is pathetic looking compared to the flood levels on halo 3, and that came out more than 10 years ago…

  2. I've noticed at 4:25 that if the enemy is discovering you the "sleeper" will glow and make a sound like an heartbeat and if is too intense (because you're standing near him) he will be alerted.
    Basically stealth is the key there! ^-^

  3. Clean up the UI/HUD, make the monster animations and AI look and behave a little more fluid, and make the game look and feel a little more scary and intense and you've got a hit. This game has got serious potential, it just needs a fair amount of polish.

  4. And now? Not really impressed. Looks like Natural Selection, Left4Dead and Colonial Marines with better graphic and atmosphere but thats it… 5 minutes of Gameplay is like 5 hours of Gameplay.. boring..

  5. What are those egg things that come out of them? Its bothering me this isn't answered anywhere, and whatever the case I hope if they keep it they improve the animation a bit, seems like they're erupting with party balloons sometimes

  6. Looks like a cool game to me a corridor zombie like game where you actually feel the pressure of GTFO. Only thing I don't really like is the potato looking blobs that pop out when you kill an enemy. Most big titles in the genre mess up games like these really quick. I think the last time I saw a zombie like game I was remotely excited about was Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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